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12 Reasons Why Job Hunting is The Worst

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It's no secret that looking for a job can be soul-destroying. So, why not take a quick procrastination break to lift your spirits with our top 12 reasons why job hunting is the worst...

University is drawing to a close. In just a few weeks it will all be over, and suddenly, if you haven't started already, you need to begin planning for the future.  Yes, a real life job. Both exciting and terrifying, right? Soon you will have extra money, but more bills to pay; a full-time job, but also a bedtime to stick to; new colleagues, but also distant university friends to keep in touch with.

Sorry, this is getting a bit overwhelming…

 *deep breaths*

But first, you need to actually start applying for jobs. As soon as you do, you will join in agreement: job hunting is the worst.

Here are the 12 unanimous reasons why…

1. You find a job that sounds perfect on your first try and think this will be a super easy process



 2. You're building up confidence in your abilities…

3.   …Only to be knocked down by rejections

Now if only I could not take this rejection from McDonalds to heart, that would be great.

4. Everybody you know starts asking you on a daily basis: "how's your job search is going?"

Yes, it's going.


5. You apply for things just above your experience level

No response.


6.  You apply for roles below your experience level

 "Over qualified"

7. You apply for a job that sounds like a perfect fit

 "Other candidates have more experience"

8. You start to calculate how long until you're out of money

Now if I just carry the 1, I'll be broke by….. yesterday.

9. You spend your life jumping at email notifications

Nope. Just a newsletter for clothes you can't afford.

10. You begin rushing applications and end up sending the wrong attachment

 11. You start to question whether you've actually done this whole life thing wrong

12. Maybe you'll have more luck tomorrow?

(p.s. you will find something eventually. Persistence is key, but at the same time, look after yourself first and foremost)


lizzi hart grb author

Lizzi Hart is the Social Media & Content Manager at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB). Outside of work, she enjoys reading, music, binge-watching TV and dreaming about the dog she'll one day own.

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