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10 Essential Desk Items For Your First Office Job

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Recently graduated? Starting a new office job, but have no idea what to bring with you? Rest assured, we at Graduate Recruitment Bureau have got you covered (i.e. we learnt the hard way, so you don't have to)...

New office job; new routine; new outlook on life. This can only mean one thing - time to go shopping! Here's the lowdown of the top 10 desk items we think you should buy (or take inspiration from, cos you know, overdrafts)...

Updated December 2017

1. A water bottle

Keep hydrated! As everyone will remind you, it's highly important to keep a water bottle (filled, of course) on your desk. Your brain cannot function correctly if it's lacking hydration, so make sure you drink as much as you can. Buying a refillable bottle means you won't have to spend money on a new water bottle every day, and there are tons of different types including ones with an inbuilt filter which you can refill from any tap.  

marble water bottle

2. Storage container

De-clutter! If your office job entails a large number of files and paperwork, then investing in lever-arch files and storage containers for them is a smart idea. It's easy to get bombarded if you leave your paperwork lying around - it will become very disorganised, so make sure you keep on top of it from the beginning!

storage container file

3. Mug warmer

Too busy to drink your early morning tea/coffee? Fear not, this mug warmer will give the impression that this coffee has only just been freshly brewed. 


mug warmer coaster coffee

4. Coasters

Coasters are yet another way to spruce up your desk and throw an injection of personality into your workspace, whilst keeping those tea and coffee stains at bay!

cork coloured coasters

5. Organised office stationary

Having your own set of pens, scissors, stapler, paperclips etc are a must. The office you work in may offer supplies, but it will not do you any harm to come prepared. Also, if you can, it's a good idea to buy a container to keep these organised like the one shown on the left. You don't want to be the person whose pens are continually rolling off their desk. 

desk items pens

6. Cleaning putty

Don't get disheartened when you come into work on a Monday morning and find your keyboard and desk with lots of tiny dust particles; this putty will be your saviour. It quickly eliminates any dust, so you can get straight down to your work in a pleasant environment.

desk items cleaning putty

7. Personalised mug

Before you enter your new office environment, you won't be sure whether people tend to drink only out of the mugs they own or not, so it's a safe bet to take your own and then you'll never have to be confronted with an unhappy, accusatory colleague.

bear mug

8. Contained cutlery

If you're eating in the office, or al fresco, then this cutlery will be perfect to pop into your bag or briefcase while at the desk. They take up little to no space and ensure they won't get dirty until you need to use them!


contained cutlery

9. To do list

It's important to only have one to-do list otherwise you will misplace/forget to look at all of those things you know... you have to do. The solution? Keep one notepad/organiser on your desk every day that you also take home with you. That way, you will always have it on you, constantly being reminded of your tasks which, chances are, will probably make you complete them faster. Who doesn't like the feeling of accomplishment when you cross out tasks on that to-do list?

watermelon notepad stationary

10. Neat cables

Keep all those annoying wires continually getting tangled up separate with this desk-mounted device=no more fuss.

office cable clips accessories

These didn't quite make the cut, but are essentials nonetheless!


- Hand sanitiser

Perfect for keeping your hands feeling fresh and clean at your desk, not to mention minimizing germs!


- A stress/fidget toy

Having something to fiddle with at your desk can be a great way to keep you focused on your work. However, make sure you're selective when choosing one as you don't want it to distract/irritate your colleagues!


-  A desk plant

A small indoor plant can add a nice touch to your work environment whilst also improving air quality and reducing carbon dioxide!


beth cohen grb author

Beth is a former GRB Summer intern and studied History And Politics at the University of Durham.

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