Few other graduate programmes can boast such huge responsibility. After a period of induction, graduates will gain valuable experience on a range of placements, and they'll have real control over the pace and content of their progression. The Network Rail Graduate Programme has a vast range of schemes that include engineering, finance, operations management, project management and information management (IT).

The Network Rail graduate scheme

We take training and development very seriously; after all, graduates are about to become the future leaders of the organisation. Whichever the specialism, successful applicants will work towards professional qualifications and will receive regular reviews of their performance and development. Wherever they join, graduates will be able to see the impact of their work around them, every day. As they become part of the organisation that helps to define the nation.

We have graduate opportunities in:
- Civil Engineering 
- Mechanical Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Project Management
- Operations Management
- Information Management (IT)
- Strategic Planning
- Finance
- Contracts & Procurement
- Property

What you need:

Our degree requirements are a minimum of a 2.2 honours degree for all our graduate entry points. Degree Requirements depend on the graduate role.

Featured Graduate Recruiters:

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