Welcome to our graduate salaries fortune teller built using real historical data on graduate salaries. Select your university and course to see what the average graduate from your background earned as a salary in their first graduate job.

I have been expecting you my friend. My name is Ramla, predictor of fortunes and speaker of the unpredictable yet mystical treasures to be found in University Degrees.

I have travelled far and wide, over the hills and mountain side, to bring you your awaiting fortune, whether it's rain or shine!

Select your destiny now, and see how Ramla, The Wise One, will predict your fortune!

Remember this is just an indication! Although all the results are factual it doesn't reflect your personal situation.

Some universities even Ramla couldn't crack as their salary data was not available.

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The courses and graduate salaries

If you can't find your course please remember you most likely need to pick something descriptive of your degree area - (there are over 10,000 courses in the UK so we have grouped them). Ramla's sources: HESA, UCAS and GRB Independent Research Team, GRB Placement Statistics.

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