Example Credit Risk Interview Questions:

If you’re considering a career in credit risk and want to prepare yourself for future interviews then take a look at some of our advice below. The interviewer may ask you specific questions about credit risk that are alluded to on the Job description, but may also focus on questions which test your analytical skills. Although it is difficult to predict the actual questions you’ll be asked, we’ve put together some useful questions and answers to guide you in the right direction!

What do you know about credit risk?

This sounds straightforward, but this is a chance for you to really impress the interviewer with your knowledge and understanding of the sector. As a graduate, no one is expecting you to be an industry expert, but demonstrating that you have done your research helps to demonstrate your skills and enthusiasm. Do your research beforehand and brush up on credit risk related knowledge as well as why it is important to a company. Demonstrate that you know what the role of credit risk analyst entails and what the company does.

Why does credit risk interest you?

You should be able to genuinely demonstrate to the interviewer that you are passionate and enthusiastic about credit risk and why you would be suitable. You could talk about which elements of the job you find particularly interesting (which would further demonstrate your knowledge of the industry) and why credit risk motivates you. Remember to link your interest back to your own skills and experiences, interviewers like specific examples. Draw on particular modules you’ve covered at Uni, analytical techniques you’ve used, or industry relevant experience you may have gained.

Give me one example of a time when you had to quickly analyse a situation and make a quick decision.

Questions such as this aim to test the candidate’s analytical and logical capabilities.  Employees who possess these skills help companies overcome challenges, or spot issues before they become problems. As credit risk involves gathering and analysing lots of kinds of data in detail, successful candidates need to demonstrate that they know how to solve problems efficiently. Your answer should show that you know how to plan carefully and how to use your time and resources effectively and that you can cope under pressure.

How do you weigh pros and cons before making a decision?

Demonstrate that you know how to gather and organise the necessary information and identify the best outcome. Use real life examples of when you’ve had to make a decision (either inside or outside a work environment) and clearly illustrate the process whereby you reached the answer, and if possible, try and relate this situation to the credit risk role.