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What Kind Of Student Will You Be This Year?

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To celebrate the new year and the new wave of Uni students starting out, we've listed some of the most common student personalities, because let's face it, you're bound to be one of them...

A new month, a new term and a new year are upon all of you students, but how does this fare with your attitude towards doing your work? What persona are you going to take on this year? We've listed 10 below because you are no doubt going to grow into one of them?

1. The Early Bird

How you can tell: You're the sort of person that will mistakenly walk into the end of a lecture thinking everyone is super early. Nope, you are.

2. The Late Arrival

How you can tell: When arriving 30 minutes late is acceptable (ps. it never is).

3. The Ghost

How you can tell: You don't recognise any faces in your final exam because you never actually went to a lecture or seminar.

4. The Effortless Genius

How you can tell: You pull an all-nighter and get a first. Oh and people hate (and secretly envy) your nonchalant attitude.

5. The Snacker

How you can tell: When 50 minutes without food sounds unbearable.

6. The King Of Excuses

How you can tell: Forget being ill or not having done the seminar preparation, if you find yourself justifying absence with 'I ran out of milk' or 'My pen broke', this is you.

7. The Society Superstar

How you can tell: If you bring flyers to lectures, or spam your degree's Facebook Page with society events.

8. The Bragger

How you can tell: By asking everyone in your class how they did on the exam/essay, we all know you want to tell the world how you did.

9. The Snoozer

How you can tell: Well, you're asleep in lectures a lot. Maybe calm down the partying or cut back on your paid work?

10. The Teacher's Pet

How you can tell: If your professors know you by first name, you're on your way. If your work gets used as an example... well then. Expect seething and envious stares.
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Lizzi Hart is the Social Media & Content Manager at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB). Outside of work, she enjoys reading, music, binge-watching TV and dreaming about the dog she'll one day own.

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