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Top 10 Most Popular vs Most Employable Degrees

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The UCAS deadline has been and gone, ending the most stressful few weeks of your life so far. But was all that stress worth it? Take a look at our comparison of most popular vs most employable degrees...

Here's something you probably didn't want to see, a comparison of the most popular degrees vs the most employable using data from the Telegraph. Can't see your choice on the list of most employable? Don't worry, work hard to enhance your CV taking internships and work experience when you can. It's experience, as well as grades, that counts in the real world.

1. Subjects allied to Medicine

4th most employable

Congratulations! If you're one of the many people who applied to a degree in neuroscience or biomed, you're safe! Not only are these the most popular, but last year they were also cemented as the 4th most employable degrees with 91.8% of graduates finding a job or attending further education within 6 months of graduating.

2. Business and Admin Studies

12th most employable

To all those who aspire to work in a skyscraper in the city, you'll only get there if you work hard. Business and Admin studies may be the second most popular degree, but just misses the most employable, coming in 12th place.

3. Creative Arts and Design

Not in top 10 most employable

You've always dreamed of working in fashion, interior design or art therapy, but make sure you're prepared with a plan of action early on. More than 50% of graduates found that a degree in creative arts and design was not useful in helping them secure a job.

4. Biological Sciences

6th most employable

You chose biological sciences because you felt that hanging out with a bunch of monkeys was just an extension of college. You made a good choice; biological science is not only the 4th most popular, but also the 6th most employable degree! 87.1% of recent graduates swung into jobs within 6 months.

5. Social Studies

Not in top 10 most employable

Although Social Studies are a popular choice, subjects such as anthropology, sociology etc. fall into low employability. Work hard to get your foot in the door early by gathering work experience and internships.

6. Engineering

10th most employable

Applications to engineering are ever growing, cementing it as the 6th most popular degree in the UK. If you're one of the many students who applied then you've done the right thing. Graduate engineers are the 10th most employable, with 85.4% landing a job within 6 months.

7. Law

5th most employable

You're a big fan of Suits, Legally Blonde or Judge Judy. You chose law because it looks fun. The reality is it'll be a lot of hard work, but that will pay off as Law students are the 5th most employable in their last year of study. However, don't just sit on your degree. Waiting for two years before you work sees law graduates' employability drop to just over 60%.

8. Physical Sciences

Not in top 10 most employable

In at the 8th most popular degree to study, physical sciences deal with non-natural science as is essential to economic growth. Saying this, Physical Sciences aren't in the top 10 most employable degrees... better switch to medicine.

9. Medicine and Dentistry

1st most employable

To all those who chose the 9th most popular degree, start dreaming about the cars you're going to own and what island your mansion will be on. Medicine and Dentistry comes in at the most employable degree with 99.4% of graduates finding work or further study within 6 months.

10. Computer Sciences

Not in top 10 most employable

Computer Science had the biggest increase in applications last year, cementing it as the 10th most popular degree. Strangely, Computer Sciences don't fall into top 10 most employable degrees on the Telegraph, but here at GRB, IT ranks as our most popular degree for graduate placements.
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Laura Durechova studied History and American Studies at the University of Sussex, and worked as a content writer for Graduate Recruitment Bureau during her second year of uni.

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