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These 7 Hobbies Will Improve Your Employability

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Hobbies aren't important for a job application, right? Wrong. We delve into the 7 hobbies that can make you more employable, and why...

Getting a graduate job is tough, right? Now let's add in the fact that competition is rife, and having a relevant degree isn't always enough - you need to also be a 'cultural fit,' amongst many other things. But you don't know what sort of working environment you'd be joining, so the best thing is to just be yourself (or an optimised and polished version at least) and find a company that fits you. Let what you do in your spare time (and, no, we do not mean clubbing) reflect on the person you are, and the aspects of life that you enjoy, in the hope that you will be matched with a job that suits both you and the company.<br/><br/>A word of warning: don't fake it. If you don't really enjoy one of the hobbies below, such as football, but insist that it is a key part of your life and boast about it during an interview, you may get into a bit of a pickle when you're asked to join the office football team. So what do your hobbies say about you, and how can you use them to sell yourself?

1. Getting creative

drawing, cooking, photography, musical instruments

You are quite clearly creatively and open minded, flowing with new and innovative ideas, and you love to experiment and try new things. A creative hobby, and therefore nature, will be an excellent feat for a creative role, such as in Marketing, PR or Design.

2. Strategy games

chess, Sudoku, backgammon

You have a very logical and strategic mind, and don't tire easily from repetitive tasks, or hide away from unexpected challenges; you can take them in your stride. If you love strategy games, you are probably well-suited to strategic planning and technical development roles and you should definitely draw upon this hobby when making your application.

3. Creative writing

poetry, reviews, blog

Not only do you show a passion for writing, your communication (both verbal and written) skills will be better than those without this penchant. Also, you will have examples of your work to show off to your prospective employers. Alongside other creative hobbies, you will no doubt be suited to roles with PR, Marketing and Design, as well as Journalism.

4. Team sports

football, rugby, cricket, tennis

You work well in a team and you are a good team player. Congratulations, you have actual evidence of these horrifyingly-overused clichés. Draw upon your passion for team sports, and any leadership roles you may have held during your school/uni days (e.g. team captain). You can then turn these into positive indicators that you would fit well in a management/leadership position, or will be an excellent addition to a lively team.

5. Extreme sports

skydiving, mountain-bike racing

If adrenaline is your drug of choice, you are clearly a person that likes to take high, but calculated risks. In this vein, your hobbies reflect well on your ability to push boundaries within a commercial setting. You should be well-suited to thought leadership roles or a management position within a product team.

6. Endurance sports

cycling, running, swimming

A hobby of this type reflects your tenacity, drive and perseverance. It's this reason why you would be very suited to a goal-driven role such as sales, or business development. Be sure to draw upon your hobby when trying to 'sell' yourself to a prospective employer during an interview or application.

7. Cultural activities

visiting museums, reading, travelling

You demonstrate a clear thirst for knowledge by boasting these hobbies, and you're probably very creative too, looking for inspiration in the past, and others' creative work. Hone in on your interests during the application process, especially for creative or research based roles.
lizzi hart grb author

Lizzi Hart is the Social Media & Content Manager at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB). Outside of work, she enjoys reading, music, binge-watching TV and dreaming about the dog she'll one day own.

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