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The Top 5 Things To Do The Night Before Your Exam

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You're about to be encased in an exam hall and forced to spout all the knowledge you have accumulated over the last few weeks, so you owe it to yourself to be prepared...

1. Eat plenty of brain food

Food is an obvious must have, but during exam period you should be more careful with what you fill your boots with. Student, meet Breakfast - your most valuable asset. Fill your plate or bowl with protein, fibre, calcium and vitamins - think: a banana with either a high-fibre bowl of cereal or scrambled eggs on toast. For other meals, eat regularly and try not to overeat. If you need a snack, opt for fruit or pulses over chocolate and crisps. Keep hydrated with lots of water, but limit your caffeine intake to two cups of coffee a day. If you're craving a hot drink, try green tea as it's full of brain-boosting anti-oxidants.

2. Give yourself a decent bedtime

You want to head off to the land of nod roughly eight hours before you need to get up. Don't give yourself too much sleep to 'catch-up' on previous nights, and don't give yourself too little either. Lack of sleep can have serious effects on your cognitive functions, and even if you don't feel tired, your brain will be struggling to recall facts during your exam.

3. Consider these last minute memory tips

Tip 1: Reading over your most important piece of revision just before you go to sleep has been proven to lodge in your memory the next day. So why not give it a try?

Tip 2: Memories are only formed through connections, so if you're learning something new, try to connect it to something pre-existing in your brain. If trying to remember a year (say, 1526) try thinking of it as 3:26pm or 4 minutes to half past three. If trying to remember a word, think of a similar word or an image you can connect it to.

4. Take your surroundings into account

Hopefully your other housemates will also be within the throes of exams, so they will be studying just as hard. But if they aren't, or you're worried your pre-exam slumber may be disturbed, make a house pact to ensure that there will be no loudness the night before each other's exams. If silence can't be guaranteed because you live on a busy street or near a pub, get yourself some earplugs and make sure your windows are closed (Caution: ensure your phone is on vibrate, just in case you don't hear your alarm).

5. Do some stretches or mild exercise in the morning

As you probably know, exercise releases endorphins which will make your body and mind happier. But did you know that stretching does the same? It takes just five minutes in the morning; you will then feel happier, less stressed and get a buzz that no amount of caffeine can replicate. Good luck!
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Lizzi Hart is the Social Media & Content Manager at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB). Outside of work, she enjoys reading, music, binge-watching TV and dreaming about the dog she'll one day own.

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