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The Top 100 Graduate Recruiters Social Media Accounts

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The Graduate Recruitment Bureau brings to you The Top 100 Graduate Recruiters Social Media Accounts for you to watch, follow, stalk, snoop but of course most importantly engage in your job hunt!

Here is one of the most useful tools you're going to find this century, the complete list of the...

Top 100 Graduate Recruiters Social Media Accounts

But while this is very useful for graduates, it is also worth analysing how well their social media platforms compare to their respective success.

Within the top five graduate employers, Teach First has the most Twitter followers (around 22,000) while Deloitte's career page is crowned with the most Facebook likes (17,300) - impressive considering this is just their job advertising page.

Within the five (#48-52) middle ranking companies, Asda wins with both Twitter and Facebook accounts (200,000 followers, 1,200,000 likes).

But what about who is most 'liked' overall?

Well, in case you hadn't already guessed it, out of the top 100 graduate employers, Coca-Cola have both the most Facebook likes and Twitter followers. With all the sponsorship deals they boast, it's no wonder their online presence is gargantuan. They do fall near the bottom end of the list at number 81, but with their huge advertising budget and high level of prestige, it's admirable that they are still keen to have graduates on board.

The retail sector was a clear winner in terms of social media popularity, possibly because of the sheer number of retail giants within the list, and their 'sell, sell, sell' marketing approach. For retailers, it's far easier to capture the attention of their audience by advertising their products in recipes, seasonal items, and engaging with their audience by asking topical questions. At number 47 in our list, and with over 30,000,000 Facebook 'likes', McDonalds' comical and main chip-based photos clearly hit high notes amongst the public. They even reign amongst the other retail Twitter accounts, with a massive 2,200,000 followers.

Within some of the other sectors such as Law, it's rather tough for companies to 'sell' themselves online. Hogan Lovells (ranking at number 68) wins within its sector for Twitter followers (3,900). The company are fairly active across the social media platforms, posting news and case outcomes, with some retweets of larger companies' posts. Meanwhile, Allen & Overy (ranked at number 34) just win in terms of Facebook likes with 4,000, probably down to the bucket loads of imagery and interesting content that they post to do with their employees and jobs.

In terms of a personal favourite, it would have to be Red Bull's online presence. At number 73 on our graduate employers list they have an incredible 42,000,000 Facebook likes and 1,300,000 Twitter followers. Red Bull are a great example of how popular you can become by publishing exciting and interesting posts that aren't that related to their product, but to do with the huge amount of sponsorship they have in the skating and bmx industry. It just goes to show that you don't need to be advertising just your product, or yourself, but anything exciting that you can tie into your marketing message.

So what can we learn from all of this?

Well, many of these successful companies use lots of imagery and appropriate hashtags when it comes to Twitter. Make sure your bio is as representative of your skills and experience as possible, ensure you have a professional picture and non-incriminating tweets. Engaging with Twitter accounts and people that you respect (favouriting, replying or retweeting will do the trick) shows a level of interest and should get you noticed eventually. However, realistically, companies boasting one million or so followers are trickier to tackle, so aim for employers who aren't as 'followed' giving you more of a chance to be picked up on - a perfect way to establish a relationship with them. Plus, just one retweet from a popular company can see you gain plenty of followers instantly.

With Facebook, creating yourself a page and asking your friends to like it just simply isn't enough anymore. To be visible you need engaging content that demands a plethora of likes, meaning your posts will show up on hundreds more newsfeeds. Also, lots of competitions and questions are posted across social media, so get involved to show your enthusiasm. Keep an eye on the list and see what your favourite employers are doing to get noticed.
lizzi hart grb author

Lizzi Hart is the Social Media & Content Manager at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB). Outside of work, she enjoys reading, music, binge-watching TV and dreaming about the dog she'll one day own.

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