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The Top 10 Nightmare Exam Neighbours!

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It's D-Day; go time; the final countdown. But what happens when you have an irritating exam neighbour? We've provided some of the worst examples...

So your end of year grade is dependent on this next hour or so of your life. Those facts, equations and concepts you've been cramming will have to be poured from your brain into academic prose or neat and tidy writing. However, the worst thing is that you have to share the exam hall with hundreds of other sleep-deprived and panicked hopefuls. Not only are they distracting, but they seem to have the sole aim to bring everyone down with them. You probably won't be able to choose where you sit, but you should be aware of the personalities you are about to face.

1. The farter

Mmm, not only are you surrounded by tiny but annoying noises of fidgeting and breathing, you may also be treated to a fragrant interlude to your hard work. Unfortunately the farter comes in different shapes, sizes and genders and there's no way to single them out - so good luck!

2. The crier

Exams are hard; University is hard; life is hard. We all know this, but unfortunately for some the pressure can be a little too much. Just pray that their sobs are quiet if you want to survive the next hour.

3. The late arrival

You know the type - the one who has to sneak in the back covered in sweat and bursting with stress. No matter how quiet they are, everyone turns to look at them and disrupts the entire exam hall. Also, don't be that guy.

4. The fainter

It's a worst case scenario, but it does happen. First you'll hear a thud, then you'll watch stunned as invigilators run towards the limp body of a stressed-out student. The exam hall will explode with whispers and you'll lose 5 minutes of precious writing time before you're ordered to calm down.

5. The fidgeter

This is probably the most common behaviour, and one of the most annoying. Pen clicking, leg twitching, foot tapping, chair moving - all common traits of the chronic fidgeter. Steer clear or bring ear plugs.

6. The heavy-breather

This person speaks for themselves really, and breathes for about 10 others. Maybe they have a sinus infection, or maybe they're still snoring from the night before? Who knows why, but we do know that you don't want to be sat near them.

7. The optimist

You remember that one student who somehow manages to sit through the majority or the whole of the exam doing nothing? Imagine sitting near them; hearing their bored sighs and even more annoying fidgets. They even ruin your motivation because they really couldn't care less about life, so why should you? Try to ignore them and power through.

8. The machine

The opposite to The Optimist is The Machine: that prolific student who annihilates their paper in just 7 minutes and sits through the rest with a smug grin on their face. Ugh, we hate those people. But don't be a hater, they're clearly in the zone.

9. The peeker

Yes we realise you didn't revise and your only hope is to peek over at our work, but please don't be so obvious and annoying. It's quite tempting to have a sneaky glance at your neighbours (we've all done it), just hide your work and convert the peeker into a crier.

10. The drunkard

There's always that one nut-job that decides to sit their exam drunk. Not only is the smell off-putting, but their hiccups, restlessness and general laid-back attitude can really distract you.

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Lizzi Hart is the Social Media & Content Manager at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB). Outside of work, she enjoys reading, music, binge-watching TV and dreaming about the dog she'll one day own.

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