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The Top 10 Freshers' Fair Freebies


Freshers' week is bound to be absolutely manic, and the Freshers' Fairs are no exception. Full of businesses giving you freebies and societies needing to fill their mailing lists, it may be too much to see at once - but look at some of the freebies you can get!...

These days, Freshers' Week is full of free stuff that can actually be useful (and an obscene amount of useless flyers). Being a graduate recruitment consultancy, we attend a LOT of Freshers' Fairs. So we've compiled our top ten Fresher freebies below to remind you why you need to attend, no matter how many years you've been at University. Go and get some free stuff! Updated in December 2017

1. Pizza (mmmm...)

Let's face it, when Domino's or Pizza Hut are at your Uni, thousands will flock for a slice of tomato and cheesy goodness. Go and fill your bottomless student stomachs.

2. USB sticks

Free USB sticks - super useful and something you've probably been meaning to buy for a while. Take them all.

3. Mugs

You're not a real student until you have a large collection of random mugs from every walk of life. With enough, you can go a whole week without washing a single one up. Result.

4. Pens/highlighters

Why students never buy pens: they receive a lifetime supply at Freshers' Fair. With that in mind, be sure to stock up this year.

5. Groceries

Some supermarkets at Freshers' hand out lovely goody bags full of student essentials like beans and noodles - unhealthy, yes, but still free.

6. Umbrellas

It rains in Britain, a lot. Therefore you need a free umbrella. Oh and did you realise that GRB give out free umbrellas? *hint hint*

7. Chocolate, sweets and cake

No explanation needed as to why confectionery is the best. Oh and what was that? GRB give out free chocolate coins? Take me to their stall.

8. Fridge magnets

Well how else do you stick all those takeaway menus onto the fridge? And what about those passive aggressive notes that always seem to surface?

9. Pint glasses

No, these aren't essential, but isn't it nice to have the right drinking vessel for that well-earned pint? Mugs are fine, but a chilled pint glass is just the one.

10. Food/drink vouchers

Well free food on the day is great, but being able to redeem your freebies days later? Even better! If you find the right stalls you can live like a king for at least a day. 2017 Update


We've seen some great new items at freshers fairs this year, so here are some extras that you should definitely look out for:
  • Branded tshirts, socks etc. - great for PJs
  • Bottles / Flasks
  • Tote bags - great to have in your bag for any spontaneous shopping trips
  • USB adapters / splitters - perfect if you have more devices than ports
  • Stress balls - a library essential
  • Headphones - it's always good to have a spare pair
  • Portable battery chargers
lizzi hart grb author

Lizzi Hart is the Social Media & Content Manager at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB). Outside of work, she enjoys reading, music, binge-watching TV and dreaming about the dog she'll one day own.

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