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The Good News for Post-Fresher's Blues


Fresher's week is over. The almighty wave of fun you've been surfing has broken, giving way to the first week of term. There are proper lectures, reading lists and seminar preparation thrown at you, a week long hangover to deal with and suddenly the bubble of friendliness everyone was floating around in has burst as people settle into their friendship groups. But you don't need to fall into the pit of doom and gloom just because Fresher's week is technically over.

The fun can still continue - don't panic and run home to see your family, feeling suddenly homesick or have a breakdown over work load- term time doesn't have to be terrible time! Here are some great things you have to look forward to now - if this doesn't life your spirits I don't know what will! 1. Halloween - always great fun, especially on campus with all your new friends. Halloween comes around quickly after Fresher's week and clubs always put on some really good theme nights for the occasion. Make sure you plan your costume in advance so you aren't left being the only wally in the cape. Get creative - handmake your costume or go for something original to get involved in the fun. 2. Firework night - who doesn't love a good firework display? The weather has turned cold, the heating is on (or not if you're saving on bills) you've got an excuse to wear the woolly jumper you got for Christmas and to top it all off you get to drink tea and eat hot dogs whilst watching a beautiful display with friends. Ahhh. 3. Christmas - the minute bonfire night is over it is officially the run up to Christmas. Kind of. The most wonderful time of the year- how can you not be just a little bit excited?! The first Christmas at uni is always a laugh - Secret Santa with flatmates, bring-a-dish roast dinners and not to mention the awesome Christmas parties that happen weekly from November. 4. Sober conversations - now let's get down to the serious stuff. It's all very well looking forward to materialistic and fickle events, but really, there is plenty of long-term enjoyment to be had after your Fresher's week fix. Now is the time to get to know your friends you have made in Fresher's week and actually connect with them; bond over something other than alcohol and you'll be surprised how interesting people can be without the vodka! 5. Learning - yeah, yeah it's boring but really, it's why you are at uni in the first place and let's be honest- you are a little excited about starting your degree aren't you? Studying something you actually find interesting is enjoyable, and it's a great feeling to develop into an 'expert' in your discipline. Embrace the boffin in you and get excited about school! 6. Letting your liver recover - no longer consuming your weekly units every night is certainly something for your health to look forward to. The strain on your liver in Fresher's week (and to be honest throughout your degree) can be intense, so the chance to calm down and give it a rest is definitely good news. 7. Nights in - as winter draws in it becomes less and less appealing to leave your cosy bed and hit the town. In Fresher's week you feel like a failure if you aren't out partying hard every night, but now its term time it's acceptable to don your slippers and dressing gown and just relllaaxxx. Admit it, you've been craving a quiet one all week! 8. Visits home - whilst it isn't ideal to run home every weekend, popping home every so often can give you that nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Nobody goes home during Fresher's week, unless they are dropping out or there is an emergency, so after a few weeks into term you can be missing the home comforts. And your laundry basket is probably overflowing. 9. Finding your feet - well technically they aren't new anymore. Fresher's week can come with a sense of feeling lost, but once you've settled in, found your feet and been to a few socials, uni will feel like a home from home. Fresher's week probably set you back a good few pennies. You might want to think about lining up some work for the holidays or getting a part time student job. 10. Still being a fresher! Cheer up! It isn't over yet - you've still got a whole year of being an official 'fresher' and even more before you finish your degree. That means at least 3 years of socialising, parties and of course, learning. If this is a little overwhelming check out our advice on planning, budgeting and studying to stay ahead of the game! What else are you looking forward to now Fresher's week is over
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Anna Pitts studied English Language at the University of Sussex and was a marketing assistant and online researcher at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau. She now works in Marketing and Advertising for Hearst Magazines UK.

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