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Ten Ultimate Graduation Celebration Cakes


Graduation is a celebration, and what do you have at celebrations? Cake!

Graduation is a celebration, and what do you have at celebrations? Cake! But, if you're going to make the effort to get a fancy cake, you may as well get the best- take your pick from these ten amazing creations to really get the party going!

1. The Pinata Cake:

Every good party has a piñata and the best type of piñatas are edible. This amazingly bizarre cake will be the perfect addition to your graduation fiesta.

2. Amaretto Crepe Cake:

Combining the two greatest things on earth, pancakes and alcohol, surely has to be the work of a genius? It looks fancy too! Make sure your graduation has this unique creation front and centre!

3. Rainbow Cake:

Colourful and delicious this cake is becoming increasingly popular at all kinds of celebrations.

4. Chocoholics Delight:

This cake has a whopping seven different kinds of chocolate in it- bet you can make one that has eight!

5. Cookie Dough Cheesecake:

Proving that cakes don't need a sponge to be successful this cheesecake is a great alternative as your graduation celebration cake.

6. Red Velvet:

Add some sophisticated colour to your graduation day with this classy and scrumptious creation.

7. Peanut Butter and Ice-Cream Cakey Gooeyness:

Anything that has peanut butter, brownie, hot fudge and cake surely has earned a place at your graduation celebration, no?

8. Candyfloss Cake:

One for the girls and sugar-addicts!

9. Graduation Cupcakes:

Keep it topical- cupcakes with chocolate-crafted graduation hats. Have you ever seen anything cuter?! Just make sure there are enough for all the graduates!

10. Donut Cake:

'Cake is far too healthy- I know, let's add some donuts!' said the best person ever. Which will be at your graduation? Do you have any other fantastic cake recipes you can share?
anna pitts grb author

Anna Pitts studied English Language at the University of Sussex and was a marketing assistant and online researcher at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau. She now works in Marketing and Advertising for Hearst Magazines UK.

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