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Overcome Your Recruitment Challenges - Know Your Audience

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Recruiters of graduates were treated to two revealing and complementary presentations at the latest meeting of the GRB sponsored Graduate Recruiters Network.

The third, invitation-only breakfast event opened with a personal perspective of trends in the graduate market by Carl Gilleard, ex-CEO of AGR, and now a non-exec director at GRB. Carl focused on the challenges that face recruiters as a result of an improving economy, falling unemployment and growth in job opportunities. Looking forward he identified other factors to take account of including changing career ambitions of graduates with self-employment and working overseas growing in popularity. An emerging challenge for employers who traditionally recruit male graduates comes from UKCES who predict that by 2020 two thirds of top jobs may go to women as they out achieve men in obtaining higher level academic and vocational qualifications - a trend that's set to continue. Guest presenter Josephine Hansom, research director at YouthSight, followed on with a fascinating insight into what graduate employers need to know about STEM students who, of course, are very much in demand (half of employers prefer STEM degrees yet they form only 17% of graduating students and are heavily male dominated). Josephine's research revealed that STEM students are politically in line with the general student population and they worry about the cost of living and job opportunities. They are concerned about climate change, future resources and political extremism. With recruiters facing difficulties as a result of poor quality of applications, too few applications and job offer withdrawals, it's important that employers are aware of the clues that might help overcome problems with attracting STEM graduates. Josephine offered three clues: 1. LOVE - the majority of STEM students choose their subjects because they love them. This passion fuels confidence, creates excitement and is contagious. Employers should embrace authenticity. 2. DIFFERENT LENS - STEM students are more likely to be curious. They are twice as likely to enjoy learning, consider themselves to be early adaptors and open-minded. This leads to greater agility, innovation and creativity. Employers should harness the irreverent. 3. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE - measure, explain, compare, review and understand. Insight reduces risk, enables progress and leads to a competitive edge. Employers should therefore be creative. The Network LIVE events are, as the name suggests, planned to allow attendees to question, discuss and share and the invited audience of three dozen recruiters and media buyers wasted no time in contributing to what was an enlightening couple of hours of networking. Not a bad investment of time to attend a free event and breakfast. To find out more about the YouthSight, the award winning youth research agency, and their STEM Sells thought piece, contact Josephine Hansom directly on 020 7288 8789 or at [email protected]. NEXT EVENT >> If you would like to attend a future meeting of the group please join the Graduate Recruiters Network on LinkedIn to receive your invitation. The next event is on Tuesday 16th December by Luke Mitchell from Voxburner at GRB's City of London offices.

Dan Hawes is the Co-Founder of the GRB Group. He hopes to enlighten students, graduates and employers with his wisdom from over 25 years in the industry.

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