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North vs South: The University Face-Off

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When choosing your university, location is absolutely key. We've collated the top 5 benefits of living in both the North and the South of England. From then on, the decision lies in your hands... may the odds be ever in your favour...

Is the rivalry between Northern and Southern universities justified? Is the North truly a more friendly and scenic environment or does London's vibrant culture and attractions make the South superior? Ultimately, which region reigns supreme?

Benefits of the North

1. It's cheaper

It's cheaper. Almost in every respect, the North is far more affordable, particularly important for your average, broke student. Besides cheaper student housing, you can have just as much fun - if not more - for a third of the price, with a pint often being no more than £2.50. Part and parcel of the decrease in alcohol prices comes an increased social acceptance of the results this drop in price brings... at least in comparison to the disgust that students receive from the entirety of the southern public.

2. Northern specialities...

From chips with gravy or curry sauce to Eccles cakes, northern specialities are most definitely unique. Despite it not being everyone's cup of tea, they most certainly remain distinctive and a home comfort for many.

3. Northern smile vs. Southern scowl

Like it or not, northerners are far friendlier than their counterparts. While in Newcastle, you'll be able to exchange life stories with the taxi driver during the course of a 10 minute journey, in London, you'll be lucky to get one word out of a shop assistant who you've repeated a question to at least five times.

4. The North's hidden pearls

Despite the rainy drawbacks, the North does possess some of the most beautiful countryside in England - so much so that it is often referred to as the Backbone of England with its three national parks. The scenic Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales, to name a couple, act as very appealing attractions for families and couples alike.

5. Northerners know how to have a good laugh

The humorous northerner vs the southerner poker face. It often seems as though the north holds all the laughs, repelled by the straight-faced southerners. From Peter Kay, to John Bishop and Jason Manford - the comedic talent up North strides miles ahead of that found in the south.

Benefits of the South

6. No confusion over regional dialects/accents

"Howay, man, hinny, I said I was clamming!?""Our kid's clobber is proper antwacky" If those went straight over your head, don't worry. You will make up 99% of the world population. Phrases like these are completely foreign to the majority of the South... or everyone in the world that doesn't live in the North of England. Phrases such as these can often make it difficult to understand the entirety of a conversation.

7. Southern sun v. northern ice

Northern weather cannot compare to that in the South. Down South, it is in fact possible to enjoy weeks at a time without enduring the year-round drizzle that Manchester brings or the never-ending snow in Newcastle. They have experienced autumns and springs without a drop of rain. Seriously. Stranger things have happened.

8. London is your oyster

London has the most to offer out of all the cities in England. If you like to go out, London can offer you any night you desire. London is your oyster (see what we did there?). The diversity is also undoubtedly incomparable to anywhere else in England. Individual expression can be found at its peak in this capital - whether knee-high leather 9-inch lace-up platforms or 1ft red Mohawks are your thing or not... you can be sure to find them in this city.

9. The big man himself - Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson. Need I say more? The Southerners boast the most well respected, prestigious human being in England. From getting stuck mid-zip-wire, to fighting with a Chinese dragon and falling in a river, how can this man not boost the appeal of the South for prospective uni students?

10. Serene white seashores of the South

Southern beaches outweigh the pebbles on the freezing northern shores. With Cornish pasties and the sun shining bright, the beaches of Sunderland or Blackpool can't compare to those of Bournemouth or Cornwall. And what about Brighton? It may only have pebbles, but it's oozing culture, music and amazing nightlife - as well as being just a pebble's throw from the capital (yep, we went there).
beth cohen grb author

Beth is a former GRB Summer intern and studied History And Politics at the University of Durham.

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