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Jobs and Careers: The Brand New Student Careers Magazine

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GRB are delighted to partner up with Jobs + Careers, the brand new magazine for career-focussed individuals. Whether you are a fresh graduate straight from university or are someone looking for a change in their career path, Jobs + Careers is the perfect addition to your reading list.

Jobs + Careers offer tons of expert advice to help you along the way to your dream career path. Whether you know exactly what job you want or if you are just looking for some career inspiration, expect to find a huge range of invaluable insight into every industry, with the latest issue guest-edited by Karen Brady.

Taken from their Spring 2018 issue, J+C delve into what makes a stand-out CV which will be sure to stay at the top of the pile...

" Sell yourself

A CV and covering letter are your first opportunity to show a potential employer what you have to offer, so make them count

In this first-paced digital world, it’s tempting to write a generic CV and send it off in double-quick time as soon as you see a job you like. Don’t! First, you need to ask yourself, “What is the job I’m applying for?”

Every employer is looking for a specific candidate with a certain skill set. According to a study by job search site, your CV has just six seconds to impress a recruiter – if it’s too generic, it will take too long for them to spot what you are offering. Make sure your application is targeted to the job in question from the very start.

Start with the basics

There are plenty of websites that can guide you through writing an impressive CV. However, it’s important to remember these basic rules:

• Keep your CV neat, simple, easy to read and no more than two pages long.

• Tailor your experience and skills to the vacancy you’re applying for.

• Emphasise relevant achievements.

• Make sure you use powerful, active words such as “supervised”, “created” and “transformed”.

• Avoid generic phrases such as “team player” and “hardworking”. Provide real-life examples of these skills instead."

(Extract taken from Jobs + Careers Spring 2018 issue).


Want to carry on reading? Of course you do! Grab your free digital copy of the latest issue by clicking the link here 







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