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How to Prepare for A-Level Results Day 2022

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We’ve all been told this a hundred times but that’s simply because it’s true: enjoy yourself! You’ve put all the hard work in, and you’ve done all that you could do. 

We all thought the hard part was over: revision, all those extra hours after class, the exams themselves. There’s nothing like that feeling of leaving the hall after that last exam – the end of school, summer, freedom.

What we didn’t prepare for was the waiting…

The period between finishing your exams and the result’s day can seem endless, stretching impossibly longer than the actual month and a half or so. In the mix of excitement and anxiety, it can become difficult to prepare yourself for that day and also enjoy your summer. Here’s a guide on how to get yourself ready in the lead up to opening that envelope. 

The Month Before A-Level Results Day

We’ve all been told this a hundred times but that’s simply because it’s true: enjoy yourself! You’ve put all the hard work in, and you’ve done all that you could do. 

Distract yourself with days out to the beach, theme parks, picnics: all the things you were ‘too busy’ to do leading up to your exams while trying to learn the Ways to Stop Procrasinating. Spend the day with your friends or family, and make sure to make time for yourself too – it might be time to finally get started on that ‘to be read’ pile that’s been gathering dust. 

The Week Before A-Level Results Day

Now is the perfect time to prepare everything practically for A-Level Results Day - far enough away that the worry isn’t clouding your mind, but close enough that you can be clearer on your options. 

Look up the procedures and numbers for both clearing and adjustment, and write down two lists of steps for either case. 

Who will you need to call? What kinds of information might you need on hand? Do your research now and get it all ready. 

Most importantly, remind yourself that–no matter what–you have options, and now is the time to Switch Off the Mind and Take a Break.

The Day Before A-Level Results Day

It might seem like there’s no choice but to wallow in anxiety at this point, but keep it at bay! 

Make sure you have a pre-made fun day planned for the day before – perhaps play a sport with your friends to keep you from nervously catastrophising. Keep in touch with other people who are in the same situation as you; there’s no support like mutual support. 

The Night Before A-Level Results Day

If you’ve tired yourself out enough by keeping busy during the day, hopefully, your exhaustion will send you directly to sleep and keep the tossing and turning to a minimum. 
If this isn’t the case, however, there’s nothing like a good movie or video game to keep your brain occupied. I would especially recommend something horror or thriller oriented – you’ll be too busy being terrified or on the edge of your seat to worry about anything as trivial as results. 

If the night continues to stretch, however, don’t worry about it! Remind yourself that in a day, all the worry of not knowing will have entirely dissipated. 

The Morning of A-Level Results Day

With your alarm going off at its usual time, make sure to have a filling breakfast – it can be very easy to forget to eat for the rest of the day in excitement! Have a calming cup of tea (mint or chamomile have proven soothing effects), dress comfy, and go get your results.

Don’t forget to grab your lists of steps – aren’t you glad you had it all ready in advance?

Whatever happens when you open that envelope, know that you’re prepared for every eventuality. Most importantly, feel extremely proud of yourself for all the hard work that you’ve put in, and know that the rest of your life is waiting for you. 

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