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How To Not Get A Cold This Winter!

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You've worked hard your first term, it's been tough for first and third years alike. Christmas is on the horizon and a well-deserved break is in sight (in between all the coursework and revision of course!) Don't slip up now, fall ill and ruin it for yourself! Here's how not to get a cold, just in time for Christmas!

1. Be aware of 'high risk zones'

Basically, any public space is riddled with germs and crawling with bacteria that can't wait to nestle into your chest and set up camp for the next two weeks. This simply cannot happen, you've got an interview coming up, that essay due, not to mention revision to start. You don't have time to be ill! So, take the necessary precautions when you're forced out into the coughing, spluttering minefield that is the outdoors. Public transport is where you must have your wits about you the most; when you're on the bus sit next to the window to get the fresh air. Wash your hands as soon as you get home, obviously with antibacterial soap, to rinse away the clinging microbes. Avoid contact with children, well known germ machines, and also limit your face to face time with a known infected. Or, alternatively, don't leave the house but if you absolutely must, wear a dentist's mask, clearly kidding.

2. Get some early nights

I'm a huge fan of sleep and a firm believer that it can fix absolutely anything and, in this case, prevent the problem before it arises. As the cold winter nights draw in, don't fight the natural urge to don the fleecy PJs, grab a hot chocolate and snuggle up in your duvet. There's no shame in going to bed before 11pm and you'll feel much better for it. If you feel run down and groggy there's nothing worse than staying up late. You have two options; hit the sheets or fall victim to the cold.

3. Take vitamins

Invest in some vitamin tablets to give your immune system a little extra help. The options are endless really, chewable, dissolvable, different flavours. And why limit yourself to just vitamin C? Go crazy with some multi vitamins and get your daily dose of iron and calcium too. Exciting stuff. Fill your shopping basket (but obviously only a sensible amount, remember you only need one a day) and the germs wont stand a chance.

4. Buy antibacterial spray/gel/wipes/bodysuit

In case you aren't near a sink and soap, it's always good to carry some antibacterial gel or wipes. You can get tiny bottles of gel that are perfect for when you're on the move (perhaps on that disgusting bus I mentioned earlier). Or, you know, for when you have to touch the door handle after following someone who just sneezed into their hand. Gross.

5. Dress suitably

At the risk of sounding like your parent, you're not going out like that are you?! Yes you're going clubbing but that doesn't mean clothing is optional. Wear tights or leggings if you must wear a skirt, and boys, put a hoody or jumper over a t shirt, we'll still know your biceps are there. Extortionate cloakroom prices can put you off taking a warm layer, but you'll be grateful for it when you aren't coughing and spluttering a few days later! Plus, stumbling home at 3am is much nicer in the warmth.

6. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good and healthy. Germs don't like a moving target, and if you're fighting fit they won't bother trying to infect you. Don't overdo it though, running (literally) yourself into the ground will make you weaker and more vulnerable. Do exercise about three times a week and combine it with a healthy, balanced diet to stay fit and germ free. So there you have it, early nights, vitamins and snuggles will keep those nasty germs from bothering you, meaning you have all the time in the world to prepare for next term!
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Anna Pitts studied English Language at the University of Sussex and was a marketing assistant and online researcher at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau. She now works in Marketing and Advertising for Hearst Magazines UK.

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