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How to Make the Most Out of Your University Lectures

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Shifting from the classroom to the lecture theatre can seem daunting at first. There are ways to make this transition easier so that you can make the most out of your university lectures.

Ready, Steady… oh wait!

Have you ever hurried into a cinema screen ten minutes after the film has already started? Much like watching an anticipated film, you don’t want to arrive late to a university lecture on your first week at university. The lecturer will have already started the lesson and you could have missed important notices during that time. To avoid those stressful morning starts, always prepare for everything the night before. Your bag, what you will wear, your lunch, and even breakfast (I’m sure you don’t want a growling stomach for the duration of the lecture). 

Umming and Ahhing

There will always be something that you don’t know, but you mustn’t be afraid to ask – chances are most of your uni mates won’t know either. If you think it is crucial to the class, raise your hand. That might seem intimidating, so why not jot the query down and ask the lecturer at the end, or simply just drop them an email. 

Nearest and Dearest

Make friends with people on your course! You already have something in common and will need people there by your side. As the expression goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. Who knows, they might even help you with your umms and ahhs in lectures (or better yet – become lifelong friends). 

The 1% Doom

The race against time to connect your laptop to a charging outlet won’t be possible during a lecture. Always carry a notebook and pen for those times where your battery induces a mini heart attack. 

Top Tip: remember to charge all of your devices the night before!

There Was Reading?

There will always be some sort of material the university lecturer expects you to read before the lecture. It’s better to read it in advance and familiarise yourself with the topic at hand. It’s never fun walking into a conversation when you have no idea what’s going on. 

Eyes on the Prize

Make sure you pay attention throughout your lecture. I know this is easier said than done, but incorporate techniques that make this easier. Ensure you stay hydrated and take gum/mints with you. If you struggle to concentrate, take a quiet fidget toy with you or doodle in your notebook. Just remember that you are paying to be there and learn. You don’t want to waste your time watching YouTube, scrolling through social media, or online shopping (I’ve seen it all, and so have your lecturers). You can do all of that in your free time.     


It’s Wise to Revise

It is so useful to be able to revisit your lecture notes as this will refresh your memory of the content you learned. Try to tidy up your notes using the ultimate student study guide after each lecture as this will be extremely useful during exam season. There is nothing worse than going back to your notes and having to guess what you wrote – whether it be a poorly chosen abbreviation or dodgy handwriting. If you sort this out from the get-go, it will make revision a little easier. 

And Lastly… Enjoy the Show!

For many of you, university will be your last few years in education. Enjoy every chance you get to learn from experts; lectures are a key component to your learning experience. Don’t forget to plan a nice brunch or picnic with your friends after lectures and optimise your day-to-day experiences. Enjoy the show before the curtain falls, as all you’ll be able to do thereafter is relish in the applause. 

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My name is Katerin (Katerina) Miska and I just recently graduated from the University of Surrey for English Literature with Creative Writing. I have always enjoyed writing creatively from a young age and have even written my own blog posts in the past. I learnt a lot throughout my university experience (especially during the pandemic) and am eager to share my knowledge and insight

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