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GRB's 7 Worst Job Interview Horror Stories (List)

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Job interviews are pretty gruelling, no matter the type of person you are. But sometimes it's comforting to know that your worst interview was actually not that bad, or your tough assessment day was actually pretty easy in comparison. Read on for GRB's 7 worst job interview horror stories...

We asked our colleagues at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) to regale some of the worst interviews they have ever had, or heard about from a candidate or client. They came back with these 7 dreadful job interview horror stories.

NB: please do not try these at home!

Identities have been kept anonymous for obvious reasons. 

1. They completely fluffed it up

"A candidate of mine stopped mid-way through their interview for about 30 seconds trying to catch a piece of fluff that was floating in the air between her and the Managing Director of the firm. The candidate was also wildly gesticulating for most of the interview and sweating profusely. The interviewer wouldn't have been surprised if they had been 'intoxicated' the whole way through."

james mcavoy sweating in a suit

2. Yet another expenses scandal...

"One candidate tried to ask for £160 train ticket home on expenses, when I told them maximum was £50"

3. Bye Felicia

"Someone turned up for their interview, asked to use the toilet, and then legged it home."

Honey Boo Boo Bye Bye

4. Child labour gone worse

"I went in for an interview once for a Saturday shop assistant for a boutique shop. The woman took one look at me and said "There's no point in me even interviewing you because our customers won't be able to relate to a child. But I do have some shoe boxes in the stock room that need sorting if you wanted to stay for an unpaid trial and try to change my mind.""


"Someone I know started talking about intercourse during a competency-based interview."

Oh wow shocked SNL

6. You're invited to our aSTRESSment day

"I also had an assessment day for a company in London. It was super high pressure, lots of presentations and tests etc. They even "assessed” us while we had lunch to test our networking abilities; we were there from 7am until 7pm! Throughout the day, I'm pretty sure I saw about 10 candidates crying and three people throwing up from stress – HORRIBLE!"

7. A stain on their reputation?

Hungover at job interview or work

"I once interviewed with a company two days on the trot. The first day I was interviewed by one director and the second day I was due to be interviewed by the second director. Unfortunately the second director was unexpectedly off work so couldn't run my second interview, so the first director stood in, wearing the exact same clothes as the day before, complete with a 'night out stain.'"

This quote was also featured in an article that GRB contributed towards through the Undercover Recruiter.


Have you got any cringe-worthy interviews to add to our list? Let us know on twitter @thegrbteam

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Lizzi Hart is the Social Media & Content Manager at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB). Outside of work, she enjoys reading, music, binge-watching TV and dreaming about the dog she'll one day own.

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