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Get Hired as A GRB Affiliate- Everything You Need To Know

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Part-time jobs can be overwhelming during Uni, so we've found a solution for you to choose your own hours whilst earning money and incentives! Introducing, GRB Affiliates!

Don’t believe us? Here is what one of our Student Affiliates had to say: “GRB Student Affiliates is Superb I Must Say! Firstly, I will start by commending the tracking system. It accurately tracks referrals and reports them in real-time. The affiliate programme offers amazing bonuses which I enjoyed right from my first two weeks and the bonuses got better as I progressed. Payments are made on-time and the affiliate manager responds in a timely and apt manner. Kudos to the entire GRB team. I would highly recommend to others who are thinking about becoming an affiliate. Do it!” 

If you are still left wondering what this programme involves, we have put together some FAQ’s to leave you excited to join our team. 

Interested? Email [email protected] or Register with GRB to get your unique affiliate link.

1.    How does affiliate marketing for GRB work?

Affiliates promote GRB through unique affiliate links. If you have a GRB profile, you are automatically assigned a personalised link for you to share. When a student clicks on the affiliate link and makes a complete profile with GRB the affiliate earns a commission.

2.    How do affiliates promote GRB?

Affiliates promote our service through various channels such as blogs, social media platforms, email marketing, video content, podcasts, or word-of-mouth recommendations to people on your university campus. It is completely up to you how and how much you get others to sign up!

3.    How much money can I make with affiliate marketing?

There is uncapped earning potential, and you can earn more monetary and non-monetary benefits the more students you refer. We have multiple incentives to improve your employability and career search as well as this.  Earnings in affiliate marketing vary widely depending on factors such as the quality of sign-ups and the effectiveness of the affiliate's promotional efforts. 

4.   Are there any costs associated with affiliate marketing?

NO. There's no cost to join our affiliate program. It's completely free to join as an affiliate and you can start earning commissions right away. There are no hidden fees or upfront costs involved. Simple as that.

5.   Why should I promote GRB?

GRB has been a trusted and leading recruitment agency for 20+ years and has a highly positive rating on Trustpilot for getting students the careers they deserve. Our affiliate program has a proven track record of success, and we're committed and transparent about providing you with the support and resources you need to thrive as an affiliate. Whether you need assistance with marketing materials, tracking tools, or personalised support, we're here to help you every step of the way.



Email [email protected] or Register with GRB to get your unique affiliate link.


Freya is a Marketing student at the University of Portsmouth, and is currently on a placement year as marketing assistant at GRB! Outside of work she enjoys wellness podcasts, going out with friends, and audiobooks. 

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