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Freshers' 2017: 5 Unlikely Packing Essentials for University


Whether you're entering your first year or your last, this unconventional guide to packing is sure to set you on the right track for university...

Sadly, summer is drawing to a close, which can only mean one thing... It's nearly Freshers' week! So to all the new budding students getting ready to load their parents' cars up with stuff, read this first for 5 unlikely packing essentials for university...

1. Sellotape

It's easy to underestimate how often you'll need sellotape as a student. At uni there's no popping downstairs to rifle through your parents' stationary. Think of all the ASOS orders you'll splurge on with your student loan that will inevitably need returning when you realise you spent all your money in Freshers' week.

the simpsons ken brockman struggling with sellotape

On a less depressing note, sellotape can be used to put up cute fairy lights around your room to make it insta worthy #nofilter. The same goes for sticking up photos. It's less visible than Blu Tac, and is also easier to remove. Treat yo'self to a nice fat roll of sellotape and save yourself hours of scraping Blu Tac off the wall at the end of the academic year. Your landlord will rejoice at the lack of grubby blue marks. Failing that, try washi tape and other fun ways to decorate your room.

2. Portable charger

This will come in handy for any trips you might take visiting friends at other universities - unless you land yourself a Virgin train, in which case you might be blessed with a seat next to a plug socket.

Nonetheless, portable chargers can be a real life saver on normal days at uni. We all know when the library is rammed it's the seats next to the plug sockets that are the first to go. If your phone dies halfway through a library sesh it's very unlikely you'll stay for much longer. Separation anxiety is no joke.

woman getting up to leave

3. Yoga mat

This will be helpful for those days when the thought of trekking to the gym is simply unbearable. Armed with a yoga mat, you can do home workouts in the comfort of your own room. There'll be no awkward eye contact with sweaty grunting people in the mirror of the weights section. There's also no need to change out of your PJs. Exercise made easy.

simon pegg lifting weights in gym

A yoga mat can also double as a mattress, albeit a poor excuse for one. If you have a friend coming to visit you and you're unwilling to share the tiny single bed you've been saddled with in halls, this could be a great solution.

4. Wheat bag

Upgrade your hot water bottle for a wheat bag. Pop it in the microwave and this little sack can function as a second heating supply if your central heating fails. This will undoubtedly be a life saver during any kind of illness.

hey arnold unwell nap on sofa

They come in a range of colours and also a range of scents. Appreciate the smell of lavender whilst simultaneously keeping toasty warm.

5. Bowl

Not a bowl for your morning cereal, mind. Putting a bowl on your desk at uni is an efficient means of staying organised. Get in the habit of putting your keys, headphones, wallet/purse and any other everyday items in said bowl every time you get in from uni. That way, you'll always know where you last left them. There'll be no more scrambling around in old jean pockets for your ID before each night out. That old banger ‘Where me keys, where me phone?' will never get stuck in your head again.

stephen colbert where are my keys

Not only will a bowl keep you organised, it can also function as a decorative piece. Head over to your local pottery painting station for a fun-filled day of designing your own crockery! Uni life! Demonstrating artistic skill is the most effective way of making new friends, after all. Who needs a winning personality when you have gorgeous crockery?

Can you think of something to add to the list? If so, tweet us: @thegrbteam


About the Author: Jasmine Bascombe is a History and American Studies student at the University of Manchester.

jasmine bascombe grb author

Jasmine Bascombe is a History and American Studies student at the University of Manchester.

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