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Discover Our NEW Series of Live And On-Demand Webinars

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Let GRB bring you all the video content you need to land your dream job.


  • What's it like to work in the industry you want to join?
  • How does the recruitment process work?
  • Who are the people I will be working with?
  • Why do recruiters never get back to me?

All these questions and much, much more will be covered by our brilliant NEW webinar series.

We have brought together leading experts from the business world to share their secrets to GRB members! So far we have successfully run webinars with EY, P&G and other FSTE100 employers. Plus, we also run regular webinars with Universities across the country covering Personal Branding, How To Use LinkedIn and much more.

This content is gold - you really don't want to miss out and make mistakes trying to find your dream job. 

Get started now and browse our library of on-demand webinars. Click HERE.

Future webinars will be advertised on our blog!

GRB Blog Author and Student - Dan Hawes

Dan Hawes is the Marketing Director at the GRB Group. He hopes to enlighten students, graduates and employers with his wisdom from over 25 years in the industry.  

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