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9 Things Students Can Look Forward to at Home this Christmas

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We all know that warm and fuzzy feeling that going home for Christmas involves, but living in student accommodation makes you miss even the smallest home comforts. Read on for our top 9, as compiled by our current placement student, Lewis.

It's that time of the year again - the Christmas holidays! Time to wrap up warm, kick back, relax and become uncomfortably full of food in the comfort of your own home (if you managed to complete all of your assignments, that is)! Here is a list of 9 things students can look forward to at home this Christmas - things that you definitely shouldn't take for granted...

1. Having somebody else do all of your laundry for you

cat laundry gif

No more makeshift clothes washing (a quick spray of Febreze and wearing extra deodorant) because your clothes are actually clean, and folded!

2. Seeing a full fridge for the first time in months

full fridge gif

The family norm, but after being at university it's like opening Pandora's box. No more plain super noodles and 4-day old pizza.

3. A sense of achievement for voluntarily doing the dishes

wrong number oh gif

Granted, it was just two plates... But it still counts, right?

4. Knowing all of your food will be in date

elf eat gif

No nasty surprises when you open that pot of Philadelphia cheese, or when you put your hand into that loaf of bread.

5. Heating - oh the heating!

homer simpsons toasty bun

No more wearing three jumpers and four pairs of socks whilst wrapped in a duvet... Every radiator works and there's even a warm towel waiting for you when you get out of the shower!

6. Everybody's favourite - being reunited with the family pet

dog cuddle gif

"I miss my pet more than my family"

7. Catching up with your home best friends that you haven't seen for months

Freak Pretty Little Liars gif

Even after swapping stories of your daring drunken ventures and harrowing heartbreaks, the opinion of you to your home best friends will still never change.

8. Finally being able to catch up on all of your series

George Seinfeld popcorn gif

Be it Westworld, Stranger Things, or even Emmerdale, there's no better time to sit and binge on all of those series without feeling guilty.

9. Having no responsibilities and not having to leave your bed all day

pug bed cuddle gif

Not that you don't spend half of your time at university doing this... But at least this time it's warm.

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