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5 Ways University Changes You

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University is a rollercoaster of experiences which will change you for the better in ways you may have never noticed... Anna Pitts covers off her top 5

Everybody says you leave university a whole different person to when you began. This sounds terrifying, what if you don't want to change? What if you change for the worse? What if no one recognises you and you inadvertently act completely differently? Well, of course there is potential for these things to happen but most of the time people evolve and mature, rather than just randomly changing. Developing yourself as a person is a good thing and here are some of the more common qualities that university can bring out in you.

1. Open minded

You might have thought you were pretty easy-going before you came to uni, but once you've been there for a few months you'll be very open minded. The mix of people you meet, the backgrounds they come from, the activities and lifestyles that people lead all contribute to your widening acceptance of new things. You come to realise that not everyone is similar to you and the things you find bizarre are another person's normal. This is what makes university so exciting- meeting new people and taking on unique opportunities.

2. Adventurous

University is all about stepping out of your comfort zone. It might take a little while to get used to and find your feet on the new terrain, but three, four or more years on once you've finished your degree you'll find you are more adventurous than when you started. It might even just be with little things like food- having international flatmates can seriously change your eating habits!

3. Independent

Being torn away from mummy, daddy and your home comforts can be a bit of a shock to the system at first but it is a necessary step in your self-development. During university you learn to stand on your own two feet, make decisions yourself, use your initiative and generally just 'go it alone'. Obviously you aren't actually alone, but you'll find you leave university with a stronger head on your shoulders than when you started.

4. Confident

Having no choice but to mix with new people, go out and socialise and talk to strangers within your first few weeks automatically increases your confidence. If you have a shy nature this can be daunting but knowing that you need to bite the bullet and get out there is a good mentality to have. After years of socialising you'll have undergone a significant confidence boost.

5. Mature

Although you might not feel it when you graduate and get thrown into the big scary grown up world, during the course of university you will have matured somewhat. This doesn't necessarily mean you are now mature- but you'll be less immature than when you started! You might even have more of a sense of responsibility- although of course everyone is different! In any case, university creates a lifelong habit for learning and critical thinking which stands you in good stead for your future career. You'll emerge with a great network of friends and whether you are the same person as when you started or not, you'll have had three great years of life changing experiences.

anna pitts grb author

Anna Pitts studied English Language at the University of Sussex and was a marketing assistant and online researcher at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau. She now works in Marketing and Advertising for Hearst Magazines UK.

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