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5 things you shouldn't do in freshers' week (but do anyway)


Everyone bangs on about all the things you should do in Freshers' week - be sociable, make friends, take photos etc etc. But what about the things you shouldn't do? What are the things that should be avoided at all costs, however always seem to end up happening? Introducing the Freshers' week faux pas?

Get extra friendly with a housemate. Yes, they're in the room next to you. Yes, it's convenient and yes, when you've had a few too many it seems logical. But, in the garish light of day it's just awkward. Awkward for you, them and your other housemates. But who knows, it could blossom into the romance of the century. Maybe.

Drink too much. Every night. Obviously drinking is a huge part of Freshers' week, but remember, it's dangerous and every effort must be made to not get too intoxicated...hahahaha. But seriously, heavy drinking every night isn't good for your body or mood, and it would be nice to remember some of Freshers' week right? Have a good time but know your limits. OK, lecture over.

Spend your entire student loan in one night. It's very exciting when a thousand pounds appears on your bank balance but remember it isn't free money, you have to pay it back and it needs to last you the whole term. By all means splash out and have fun, but maybe don't rush out and buy the latest Mac or those designer boots you've had your eye on.

Miss your introductory event. Lectures won't start until the week after, but your department will probably put on a few events during Freshers' week to give you important information and so you can get to know everyone. You should try and go to these events as they will be helpful and it saves you turning up to lectures looking like a clueless lemon. However the chances of attendance are pretty low if it's before midday and you've been out the night before. Maybe set an alarm.

Make a mess and embarrass yourself. Nicknames are acquired in Freshers' week. Point made. You don't want to be forever known as 'the Streaker', 'Puker' or 'Lightweight'. Also, there's nothing worse than being the liability on a night out, having to rely on people you've just met to take care of you and clean up after you. However, these types of antics do make for some hilarious stories, so it's all worth it in the end.

What are your Freshers' week blunders? Share your stories with us!