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5 Essential Fresher Life Hacks

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Going to university is scary enough, but being stuck with wet socks and no plates can make things even worse. We've compiled 5 essential, but not so well-known life hacks for this year's influx of freshers...

I'm sure you've already come across the hundreds of articles telling you what to bring to university, how to save money, and how to spend your first year. But, have you considered what you would do in the case of a badly-timed fire alarm? How to save on washing up? How to deal with the unfortunate location of your room? Didn't think so...

1. The Secret Life Of Cling Film

I'm sure cling film is on your checklist of items to bring; it does a great job making your food last longer. But, have you considered its other use?One of the worst things about being a student is having to cook for yourself. And what comes with cooking? - washing up. Ugh. If only there was a way to make less mess...Now, this is where cling film comes in. Get a plate and some cling film. Cut a piece of cling film, big enough to cover the plate. Place the cling film over the plate. Place the food on the cling film. Voila! Once you've finished eating, simply throw the cling film away, and you're left with a spanking clean plate.

2. Save Your Sleepy Self

Is a dressing gown on your list of stuff to take to university? No? Well, it should be. This is probably one of the most vital pieces of clothing to take. Seriously.
Universities love, and I mean love, 3am fire alarms. You're woken by THE loudest noise, and then forced to wait outside for what seems like forever. Sounds like it couldn't get much worse, right? Just consider how freezing it is outside at that unearthly hour. Awful experience."I'll just stick some clothes on" I hear you say. Searching for clothes, half asleep, does not work well. But, have a dressing gown and you can just grab and go. It's convenient and warm.Still not sold it to you? Just remember that the alarms are NOT turned off whilst you shower... It happens. There was my poor friend, stood there in only a towel. Don't be that person.

3. A Series Of Unfortunate Sounds

Ear plugs. Do not underestimate the beauty of ear plugs. Universities take on thousands of students each year. That's thousands of students that need somewhere to live. So, that's thousands of bedrooms, thousands of walls, and thousands of bricks. This all becomes a very expensive business, and where better to save money than on the walls? - You can hear EVERYTHING. Lucky me, I had the bedroom next to the bathroom... I was well aware when someone ate some dodgy chicken the night before, had broken the seal during the night's drinking games, or was experiencing the dreaded side effects of a hangover. I could hear it all. It was no fun trying to work on my essay with the sounds of all that going on.Bring ear plugs, for your own sake.

4. Consider The Lack Of Consideration

Yes, universities do provide toilet paper, they're not that stingy. But they aren't exactly generous either. Do you ever find yourself in that unfortunate position, wishing you had checked that there was enough toilet paper left before, rather than after? Sharing a bathroom with other students means a fair amount of the stuff will be used. Do you really think the other students will replace the toilet paper when they use the last of it? Probably not.If only you had your own that you always took with you, ready for this exact incident to happen. But instead, you had to ask someone who you've just met - and going to face every day for the rest of the year - to help you out. Awkward.Save yourself from the embarrassment.

5. Stop The Soggy Sock

Why would you need flip-flops at university? Okay, maybe for the summer months, but what about the rest of the year? I doubt you'll be heading down to the pool or sunbathing at the beach anytime soon. Nevertheless, you'll want your flip-flops. It's always a pain getting dressed after showering. It's almost impossible to pull your trousers up, or get your arms through your top. And the socks... the heel twists to the front, and your toes don't quite reach the end. Then you put your foot straight into a puddle. It's a pain. So what's the solution? Before you consider walking bare-foot back to your room, don't. Those floors are grim.Flip-flops! They slip right on, and your feet can dry happily. So there you have it, 5 life-saving top tips. You're welcome.
claire fuller grb author

Claire is a former GRB Summer intern and studies Psychology at the University of Warwick.

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