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25 of the Most Bizarre University Societies


These are some of the most oddball, but ingenious societies around. Imagine the stories you could tell in an interview after spending your spare time volunteering as a Quidditch coach, or the President of the Hummus society. You need to join these, now...

University societies have the potential to take up a large part of your uni experience, becoming a worthwhile investment of your time. Now, before you look for the societies revolving around the sports or hobbies you love, it's a good idea to do a quick bit of research and find out what slightly 'different' societies are on offer. Afterall, an opportunity like this is unlikely to present itself later in life. These will include some rather eccentric and unique societies, a number of which are listed below...

1. Gentlemanly Pursuits Society (Keele)

How can you not encourage the renewal of some good old gentlemanly manners? Good work Keele, job well done.

2. Hummus Society (LSE)

Who doesn't love a bit of hummus?

3. Quidditch Society (Durham and Sussex)

Riding on brooms around the castles that are also known as Hogwarts. Could you possibly think of a better way to spend your Sunday afternoon? Didn't think so.

4. Gog Magog Molly (Cambridge)

This strangely named society refers to an ancient dancing tradition exercised in a manic nature while wearing very colourful attire.

5. Nicholas Cage Appreciation Society (Sussex)

Believe that Nicholas Cage is the greatest actor to have ever graced the acting scene? Or just the greatest being alive on our planet? Now you have the chance to unite with fellow cage-scholars in this delightful, and definitely not creepy, uni soc.

6. Stitch and bitch Society (Leeds)

Don't let this slightly crude name deter you as this uni soc is by far the most harmless. From knitting to crochet, this society will help you master the art of morphing into a Granny whilst at university.

7. Disney Society (Exeter)

This cute society, while pretty self-explanatory, offers a number of fun events such as quizzes, music concerts, pub crawls, film marathons and themed nights/trips.

8. The Kettle Society (Nottingham)

Creep into another dimension with the society that hosts a number of tea-themed events on a weekly basis. Such as: the Mad Hatter's tea party with camomile tea cupcakes, as well as frequent 'café crawls'.

9. The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Society (Manchester)

A worthy society formed to protect the world from the looming zombie invasion, starting in Manchester. Make sure to keep your eyes out for those inevitable UFOs.

10. Assassins' Society (Durham)

The Assassin's Soc runs a series of mock-assassinations where players are designated a target which they then have to hunt down whilst being targeted themselves. The last player left alive is the winner... totally normal...

11. Pun Society (Sussex)

This society will help you laugh away your coursework/exam-based woes. With socials such as 'Punderthesea,' how could you refuse such a punderful society?

12. Viking Society (Plymouth)

Their activities include re-enactment fighting, both in Plymouth and at shows, alongside feasting, drinking, and authentic Viking crafting including: shields, weapons, clothing and jewellery.

13. The Pirate Society (Sussex)

Ahoy me matey, fancy some pirate film nights or sword-fighting classes? Then avast ye! You have come to the right place... Argh...

14. Lego Society (Portsmouth and Imperial)

Reignite your childhood dreams by becoming a member of the most exciting toy based society. This soc has regular trips to Legoland... obviously. But what you probably didn't know is that they also arrange trips to Lego shows and exhibitions, on top of nights revolving around Lego board games and console nights.

15. Competitive Eating Society (Kent)

Fancy a challenge? Like a bit (a lot) of food here and there? Enjoy eating for fun? Then this is the society for you. Inspired by Man vs. Food, this society has many challenges lined up that are bound to make your tummy rumble... or feel slightly nauseous.

16. Mario Kart Society (Essex)

Packed full of Mario vs Luigi themed nights and knock-out tournaments for different teams - this soc is definitely one for the game-lovers.

17. Ukelele Society (Sussex)

This friendly soc accepts members of all abilities, and if you're new to the ukulele then you will even be mentored for your first few sessions. The society regularly performs on and off campus, and they won Sussex's Most Outstanding Society award in 2013

18. Twenty Minute Society (Newcastle)

Members receive a random text every few weeks containing the location of a place they have to get to within 20 minutes for a mystery event. Oooh spooky.

19. Kraken Society (Southampton)

Kraken Soc unites steampunks from all across Southampton campus to join together over their love for Industrial Steam-powered Sci-Fi. Yay!

20. Nerdfighters Society (Manchester Met)

A society for people who want to break down the negative stereotype of nerds - a very worthwhile cause.

21. Sheila and her dog Society (Cambridge)

Members of the Sheila and her dog society drink hot chocolate, eat sweets and read children's stories in the voice of a 6 year old. The dress code is strictly dressing gowns and a cuddly teddy bear.

22. Robot Football Society (Plymouth)

> Humour aside, this society is genuinely one of, if not the, coolest on the list. These students are highly talented, designing and building humanoid robots at the Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems. They then use them for teaching, research and internal robotics competitions. Now, if that isn't pretty cool then we don't know what is.

23. Fetish Society (York)

This rather contentious society is supposedly based on the notion of 'curiosity' with many 'Curiosity Nights' centred around a specific kink. They have events such as Rope Workshops, where people can learn to tie each other up skillfully, amongst other skills which they can use back home...

24. Pokemon Society (Durham)

A popular society found at many different universities. They organise film and anime showings, as well as playing the newest games in the series. They also trade and battle with cards and sometimes... PokéDress! Would you ever need another hobby?

25. Custard Wrestling Society (Cardiff)

Sadly this society has come to an end - but there's always the chance of a student-backed campaign for its revival? Are you willing to take on this challenge? Ed's Note: Extreme Ironing (Nottingham) didn't quite make the original copy, but it deserves an honourable mention!
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Beth is a former GRB Summer intern and studied History And Politics at the University of Durham.

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