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10 Things You Will NEVER Hear During Deadline Season

Funny Exams University

It's that all-stressy time of piles of work and deadlines a plenty. How are you coping!? Anna Pitts investigates in our new statement report...

1. Deadlines aren't nearly as stressful as I thought they'd be. 

2. I'm so focused all the time- my concentration never falters, I never procrastinate and my train of thought is always productive- go me

3. I might hand my dissertation in early.

4. I'm so on top of everything- I so need to slow down!

5. I've never actually been in the library- is it fun?

6. I wish our tutors would give us some more work- I have so much free time at the moment.


7. I'm so well rested because I've been getting such good night's sleeps recently.

8. Everything is just going to plan- this degree is a breeze!

9. So nice of the uni to space out our deadlines- imagine having more than one on the same day- ew!

10. I totally know what I'm doing.