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10 Things You Thought Would Happen At Uni But Didn't


University comes with a list of expectations but, in reality not all of them will come about...

Before you set off for university, you probably had a long list of things you would bet your last penny would happen. Now, nearing graduation, the chances are not all of them have been ticked off. Here's a list of ten things you thought would happen once you got to uni, but actually haven't...

1. You'd find your future spouse

Blame Disney, your parents' fairy-tale romance or any romcom you've ever watched for your unrealistic expectations of love but it doesn't change the fact that you were convinced you'd find 'the one' at uni. How could you possibly not with a campus of 50,000 students to choose from right? Quite easily it seems.

2. You'd fail

Ever the optimist, you might not have had particularly high hopes for your academic achievements at uni. Perhaps you weren't sure if it was for you or you thought you'd be more concerned with the social side of uni but look at you proving yourself wrong, graduating with a great degree!

3. You'd want to run home after a week

Everyone has a moment of panic before they move into their halls in first year. Worst case scenarios go through your head- you'll hate your housemates, your course will be boring and you'll flee home after a few days in hell. But that wasn't the case at all was it?!

4. You wouldn't make any friends

It really would be quite impressive if you didn't manage to make any friends during the course of your university education but it doesn't stop the thought terrorising you for months before you go. In reality it's the other extreme- too many friends to manage!

5. You wouldn't change

Everyone says they come out of university a completely different person than when they started. But how much can you really change? A lot is the answer! Whether it's for better or worse is up to you!

6. You would do absolutely everything in your new student town

You moved to a new city- it's exciting, it's new, there's so much to do! You're gonna explore every nook and cranny and do all the touristy things before you leave! Oh look, it's third year and you haven't even done half...

7. You'd learn to cook

You arrive in your halls armed with Jamie Oliver's latest book, Heston's quick meals and Nigella tucked under your arm (not literally). You're certainly going to become a master of cuisine, cooking up a different delicious feast every night. So what's with the stack of pot noodles in the corner huh?

8. You'd go to the gym everyday

There's no excuse not to be super fit- you live five minutes from the gym, membership is dirt cheap and you need to work off the excess calories from the increase in your alcohol intake. But your gym splurge lasts a week at most.

9. You'd know what you want to do once you leave

It's fine not knowing what you want to do career-wise when you start uni but surely you'll be 100% sure what you want to do by the time you leave, right? Guys?

10. You'd leave as a mature, well-rounded adult ready to take on the world

And not only will you have a fool proof career plan, but you'll also have matured as a person and graduate as a sophisticated member of the adult population...
anna pitts grb author

Anna Pitts studied English Language at the University of Sussex and was a marketing assistant and online researcher at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau. She now works in Marketing and Advertising for Hearst Magazines UK.

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