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10 Part-Time Job Ideas To Keep You Going At University

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Perhaps it’ll surprise you to know that there are many part-time job ideas for students to get involved with, ranging from virtual work to work within your local city.

You're at university faced with a lot of free time…how do you fill it?

Of course, there are many ways to do this, from joining a society to spending it with friends. If you’re looking to fill it with a part-time job, then look no further than the list below. Perhaps it’ll surprise you to know that there are many part-time job ideas for students to get involved with, ranging from virtual work to working within your local city.

To help you better choose between this vast array, decide what it is you’re looking for: Paid or voluntary? Something you’ve never tried before or something to compliment a future career? A student job that takes you away from your university campus, or something that you can do from your desk? Below is a list that will hopefully inspire you to find the perfect part-time student job and even help you into networking to find graduate jobs for the future! 

Become a student ambassador 

Becoming a student ambassador is an ideal job that is well-paid and fits nicely alongside your undergrad studies. A student ambassador is a current university student employed by their university, to represent them in several areas, for example, on Open Days. Your main job would be promoting the university student experience, and you’re paid well to do this. You must apply and be successful, but it’s a perfect place to start if you’re looking for a student job that compliments your university lifestyle, has flexible hours and looks good to add to your graduate CV

Become a brand ambassador 

Much like a student ambassador, a brand ambassador is responsible for representing their employer on campus, promoting the brand and the opportunities available to university students. Again, this is a well-paid role that is ideal alongside your degree. It’s also a job that you can tailor to a future career you may have in mind, for example, aspiring to become a lawyer? Become a brand ambassador for their firm. It could make any future applications you make to them stronger. 

Work at the university 

Most universities are very supportive and wish to help their students wherever possible. Should you want an alternative part-time job from the ones mentioned above, but still one that is with the university, then enquire at your student ‘Help’ desk. Most universities have a Career Zone that you can get involved with – some roles being paid – or, alternatively, volunteer in on-campus libraries or coffee shops. 

Work through the university 

Use your university for its connections and subscribe to any, and all, career mailing lists and news feeds. There are many paid, part-time experiences and internships that your university can give you a stepping stone towards. For example, the University of Exeter runs a six-month Career Mentor Scheme where a student is paired with a professional. My partnership with a publishing house led to a ten-day internship. Work smarter, not harder! 

Work in your local city 

Most cities are filled with restaurants, coffee shops, clothes stores and local libraries that anticipate students seeking part-time work. They are understanding when it comes to student’s term-time hours so offer some of the most flexible jobs. They’re also a great way to branch out from the safety of your university environment and get to know your local city that will be your home for the best part of three to four years. Be that person that hands out your resume or emails asking about job opportunities – these places love proactivity. 

Work for a local company 

Should you know what future career you aspire to, or even a potential career that you would like to gain experience in, seek out these types of companies within your local city. Much like the previous bullet point, phone up local companies that match similar to your career aspirations and ask if they currently have any work experience. Most want to help wherever they can but be understanding if this is a more voluntary role than something paid. Either way, it’s a great experience and looks excellent on a CV! 

Become the student nightlife 

A classic in any student-heavy city is the nightlife, which means lots of part-time job opportunities. From bars on-campus to pubs and clubs in the city or participating in stand-up comedy evenings to performing as a musician in restaurants and bars, there’s a myriad of job opportunities available in most cities. Although the hours are slightly awkward, being later in the evening through to the early hours of the morning, the pay can be good, and it is a fun experience and a great way of making new friends. 

Delivery driver 

Where there are students, there’s takeout! Become that Deliveroo biker or Domino’s driver; all are jobs that are easy to get, have decent pay and flexible hours. 

Online tutoring 

A part-time job that is rarely talked about, but fantastic alongside student hours and offers good pay, is an online tutor. There’s an abundance of online tutoring companies that you can apply to and teach through. Take charge of your own hours, earn a steady income alongside your degree studies and build your CV. An online tutor is a fantastic part-time job that also allows you to keep your GCSE subjects bubbling away in the background! 

Write for somewhere  

Finally, you could do something like I’m doing now – write for a company! Whether your career aspirations require you to demonstrate your commercial awareness, or you want to be the next writer for The New Yorker but need to build your writing experience, companies and university papers to write for are bountiful. Often voluntary, but occasionally paid, writing for somewhere demonstrates a passion for a subject, builds your knowledge in a specific field and future employers regard it highly. 

There are so many part-time job ideas that will keep you going at university, and these ten are only the starting block for what’s out there. Pursue with passion, put yourself out there and you’ll find the perfect, part-time student job for you! 

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I'm a second year, English Literature student at University of Exeter, who loves everything from books to music, netball to conversations over coffee. I'm currently a GCSE and A Level online tutor as well as an article writer for The Business Update, so really love to keep myself busy alongside my undergrad studies. I'm a passionate person who loves working with others, and aces any pub quiz topic on rom-com movies! 

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