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10 Of The Weirdest Jobs That Actually Exist

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Have you ever found yourself in an odd job when you ask yourself what am I actually doing here?! well, we bet it wasn't and weird and wonderful as this collection of REAL odd jobs...

Are you a little stuck for inspiration about what you're going to do after graduation? Then don't panic. We at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau have scoured the web for some of the weirdest jobs around. Some of them are wonderful - some of them are just downright wrong. Either you'll find your dream career in this list or it'll make you feel ten times better about your future because you are safe in the knowledge you'll never sink low enough to eat pet-food for a living. Horrible Stunt Tester1) Horrible Stunt Tester These are the guys who have to make sure that everything in all those horrible tasks on things like "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here" aren't actually going to harm anyone. Can I tempt you to a cockroach?
2) Cow Fart Smeller 
This involves smelling the gas given off by cows to determine whether the things they are eating meet their dietary requirements. I don't know who decided this would be a good way to make a living but each to their own.
3) Ostrich Babysitte
One of the cuter sounding jobs. In Israel, there are some kibbutz workers who are in charge of keeping an eye on the ostriches so they don't get themselves into any sort of ostrich trouble.
4) Snake Milker 
Maybe you're a little nervous about entering the world of work. At least you probably won't have to extract poison from the fangs of venomous snakes for research. There's a silver lining for you. Fortune Cookie Writer5) Fortune Cookie Writer My personal favourite. These guys are in charge of writing the deep words of wisdom you find in your fortune cookies. I imagine there is quite a lot of pressure to perform at work - you wouldn't want to ruin the end of someone's delicious Chinese meal with some half-baked prophecy would you?

6) Lipsologist Apparently these people make a living by reading your personality from your unique lip print. literally read your lips - like having your palm read but slightly less socially acceptable. And you don't have to actually have to have writing on them like the guy in the picture.

Odour Judge7) Odour Judge How do you think deodorant companies work out whether their product works efficiently? They get odour judges to sniff people's armpits of course and make sure they keep smelling fresh.

8) Pet Food Tester Someone's got to make sure that the food for your furry friend is up to scratch and that falls to the pet food tester. These guys have to make sure that the consistency, smell and unfortunately taste, of the pet food is right. Apparently they don't have to actually swallow it though.

Whisky Ambassador 9) Whisky Ambassador Not sure who came up with this job but they should definitely be congratulated. Their job is to taste whisky and then travel around and tell people how great whisky is. Ideal.

Vomit Cleaner10) Vomit Cleaner Ever felt a little queasy on an amusement park ride? Well if you ever throw up then these are the guys who'll be cleaning up your sick. Spare a thought for them if you're going to risk getting on a ride with a bit of a funny tummy. Which one is your favorite? Do you have any crazy jobs you've done? We want to know!!
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Frankie studied English and French at the University of Sussex.

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