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10 Gifs That Epitomise Student Summer (List)


It's still summer (apparently!) and for uni students that's a whole lot of time off. Of course it will fly by, and you'll have next to no money, but we thought we'd toast to the beauty of a full 3 months off in the form of Gifs that epitomise student summer...

1) Saying goodbye to uni friends:

Every time one of your housemates moves out it's like a part of you dies, you just can't imagine getting through three whole months without them. Who will you have drunken heart to hearts with? Who will you 'borrow' milk from? Who will you compare your results from a BuzzFeed quiz on which piece of garden furniture you are with?

2) Seeing your school friends again:

You spent the last term communicating almost solely through tagging each other in memes, so there is a lot to catch up on. But seeing old friends can be weird. There's always one who's completely changed since going to uni and another who seems to have picked up the regional accent. Despite all this, these people know you better than anyone. No matter what's gone on since you left 6th form, it feels like nothing's changed once you're all back together.

3) Moving back in with your parents:

To begin with, things seem great: you get to eat something other than pasta and ketchup; there's no mould in the shower; there's no one blasting out grime when you're trying to sleep. But your parents just don't seem to understand you're now an adult. They get annoyed when you sleep in past 10am and they insist that breakfast pizza isn't a thing (even though we all know that it is). It doesn't take long until you remember why you left in the first place.

4) Being broke:

You thought you'd have loads of money over summer, after all, you don't have to pay rent or bills, and your parents buy your food. But you miscalculated: your last loan instalment was months ago and you splashed the remainder on results day VKs, so now you have to spend summer on a budget and a very tight budget at that.

5) Part time work:

Penniless and destitute, you're forced to go back to your old weekend job so that you can afford all the summer plans you've arranged. The customers may be terrible and your boss may be an idiot, but when you're lying in bed debating whether you really need a degree, the memory of this summer will force you to get up and go to your 9am.

6) Internships:

Or better yet, you've somehow managed to land yourself an internship in some fancy office in the city. You've got a smart suit and some swanky stationary, but you're way out of your depth and have absolutely no idea what you're doing.

7) Festivals:

A student summer staple. It will inevitably rain all weekend, yet your tent will be hotter than the Sahara Desert. Come Monday, you'll get home covered in mud and glitter, with a cumulative five hours of sleep for the last three days, unsure of what your own name is. But you'll still buy tickets for next year, because nothing's better than being drunk in a field with your mates.

8) Day Drinking:

Most of the year, day drinking is frowned upon. But somehow summer makes drinking in a park at midday not just acceptable, but practically encouraged. Maybe it's because of the amount of fruit in Pimm's and Kopparberg – they're practically one of your five a day.

9) Endless holiday Instagrams:

If you do manage to go on holiday, it is absolutely paramount that you post about it on Instagram on a daily basis. This summer, with the glorious addition of stories and multiple picture posts, you can make your followers even more jealous/annoyed. Think: regular updates on your tan and panoramas of the same Zante beach five times a day. If you're really cool you'll move away from the typical beach selfies and post a photo of a polaroid of the Amsterdam letters. Remember, if you don't share it online, you may as well not have gone.

10) Getting a bit carried away with buying new stationary:

As autumn term approaches the magnetic properties of Paperchase intensify. Safe in the knowledge that the long-awaited student loan will imminently pull you out of your overdraft, you spend money that you don't have yet on stuff that you will never need. Cactus paperclips? Ice cream rubbers? Dinosaur rulers? Yes please, I'll have twenty!

About the Author: Josie Rogers is a Chemistry undergraduate at the University of York. Her passions include music and dog memes.

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josie rogers grb author

Josie Rogers is a Chemistry undergraduate at the University of York. Her passions include music and dog memes.

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