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 Job Description Date Posted Location Salary
Graduate Recruitment Co-ordinator 16/12/2014 London £30k+
Morrisons - HR Graduate Scheme 02/12/2014 Bradford £25k
Morrisons - HR Graduate Scheme 02/12/2014 Bradford £25k
Citi - Internship Opportunities 07/11/2014 London £comp
Citi - Graduate Opportunities 24/09/2014 London £comp
Morrisons - Technical Graduate Scheme 22/09/2014 Any £25k
Citi - Spring Insight Opportunities 16/09/2014 London £comp
Nando's - Careers 02/04/2014 Any £Comp
MVF - Fasttrack Graduate Program 01/04/2014 London £Comp
Ordnance Survey - Graduate Scheme 01/04/2014 Any £Comp
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HR Graduate Jobs - Industry Profile

Estimated graduate starting salary: £18,000 - £25,000
Typical salary after training: £22,000 - £70,000

Most employers agree that their greatest asset is their people. HR graduate jobs consist of overseeing the effective management of an organisation's staff. Human resources (HR), also known as personnel, is taking an ever more active role in organisations.

HR graduate jobs can offer a wide variety, insights into, and involvement in, all aspects of a business. This combined with the fact that there is ...

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