Please be aware that it is very important to respect any rules or policies your university may uphold regarding marketing to fellow students.

  • You can use any method in the guides to get sign-ups
  • You do not have to work any set hours
  • By joining you are not obligated to get any sign-ups but if you don't over a 6 month period, we'll retire you status (this isn't bad, just housekeeping! You can still use GRB and apply for jobs like any normal candidate)

Getting Sign-Ups From Universities Other Than Your Own

All GRB Affiliates are allowed to target other universities that are on the valid university/course list.

If you have an opportunity that you feel would be very effective at another university campus, you can put in a request for us to access and see if it's viable:

Fraudulent Sign-ups

GRB monitor all activity that happens on your form minute by minute, second by second. We check...

Every email and phone number to ensure the sign-up is genuine.

If any Affiliate is knowingly submitting made up, illegitimate or non-consensual data then they will be fired from their position and banned from graduate/student job services indefinitely.

Submitting fake information and accepting payment for it constitutes as fraud which is illegal.

Terms and Conditions

The GRB marketing team co-ordinate all external student marketing and communication activities. This is done with the best interests of its student representatives in mind. A code of conduct has therefore been developed to ensure the GRB can work with students to achieve specific marketing objectives.

  • GRB reserve the right to reject any sign-up you refer that doesn't meet the qualified sign-up criteria.
    If GRB are to find any signups false, it is at our discretion if we pay you.
    By accepting this role you are confirming that you are eligible to work in the UK as self-employed. International students (non EU) are not allowed to work in the UK on this basis. More info
  • This role is classified as self-employed so it is up to you to declare tax to the Inland Revenue if required.
  • GRB cannot accept responsibility for any registrations lost in the post (please make of note of any signups you send in the post). We prefer emailed scans/photos
  • Work for the GRB should not be prioritised over commitments to your degree. The GRB has work which is flexible and fits in well with your study timetable. The guidelines issued by the NUS recommend you work for no more than 12-15 hours per week, part-time during term-time.
  • As a student representing GRB on campus you are expected to behave in a professional manner and remain courteous and respectful when dealing with range of audiences, from students through to academics.
  • GRB will keep in regular contact with all Affiliates to provide support, check on progress and to motivate. Similarly students are required to feedback once a month with their progress and meet their termly deadlines.
  • GRB must be made aware of any promotional campaign using our name or logo before it is implemented. If in doubt please consult us first.
  • In some instances you may be required to inform your student union.
  • Any research carried out or information gathered on students for the purpose of the GRB registration must follow our GDPR Policy.
  • Affiliates are exempt from any other referral scheme or competition with GRB. Only offers specifically directed at Affiliates apply.
  • If GRB feel that you are not working or putting any time into the role then we reserve the right to retire your status. Equally if any student would like to retire they can so at any time.
  • IMPORTANT! We are data protection compliant therefore you must obtain an individual's details lawfully and seek their permission before sending the information to us. By proper promotion of our company this will eradicate any problems caused during the registration process and ensure applicants gain a greater understanding of who we are and how we operate.