Working as a GRB Affiliate you can make your way through a set of badges based on how many sign-ups you have got to date. This is a way of us, and you, knowing how well you are doing and it also provides benchmarks that you can use to earn some excellent Personal Recognitions explained below.

Badge Total Reward
New Talent 25 Use GRB Affiliates on your CV and we'll accredit your hard work in a reference
Established 50 A LinkedIn written recommendation and skill endorsement from the GRB Marketing Manager
Semi-Pro 100 £20 ASOS or Amazon Voucher
Professional 200 Personal CV insight write up from a top level consultant at GRB
Senior-Pro 400 £50 bonus and Dominos delivered for your house for you and your housemates
Elite 700 £100 bonus and your profile in GRB's Rising Stars during your final year
Senior-Pro 1000 Paid two-week summer Marketing Internship at GRB's head office in sunny Brighton worth over £600!