Graduate Scheme

The GCHQ, or Government Communications Headquarters, works in association with MI5 and MI6 to make up the UK's National Intelligence Machinery. Their operations, all conducted under strict legislation, relate to national security matters, the prevention and detection of serious crime and the UK's economic well-being. The GCHQ relies on the latest technologies to intercept vital information which is decoded by branches of the military or government to inform on foreign policy and affairs, and also works to prevent hackers accessing vital security and personal information from the country's own files. The GCHQ offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities for graduates.

Roles Available

The GCHQ accepts graduates into entry-level positions, and encourages employees to vary their career paths and experience, so graduates can expect to undertake a range of roles within the organisation, or they can specify a particular area and work towards the top of the tree in that field.

What You Need

Entry requirements will depend on the role applied for; some will require specific disciplines. Usually, positions require a 1st or 2nd class degree classification.
Applicants should have an keen interest in international relations. Good communication, IT and team working skills are essential.