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Tap into 25 years of experience in supplying early talent to FTSE100 organisations

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Dan Hawes, Co-Founder

As a business owner with over 25 years experience supplying early talent to FTSE100 organisations, Dan Hawes is widely considered an expert in the specialist field of early talent recruitment. He has appeared on BBC News, Radio 1 and featured in The Economist, The Daily Telegraph, FT, The Times, Bloomberg, The Guardian and The Face. He has spoken, chaired and been a panelist at several industry events and is available as a contributor, columnist or as a panelist, "in conversation with" or Q&A style in-person events or webinars. He can confidently talk about the following topics;

Entrepreneurship. He has bootstrapped an award-winning business from a £4,000 loan and a Business degree to turnover £5m+ with 75 staff.

Youth Employment. He has a deep understanding of the jobs market for 18-25 year olds, the many challenges they face as they transition to the world of work and how employers can reach them.

Recruitment. His highly-rated company, GRB, have launched the careers of over 10,000 graduates and are trusted by over 2,000 clients across the UK such as Amazon, HSBC and IBM.

Thought Leadership. With almost 16,000 LinkedIn followers and a wide, engaged network of professionals, he is often asked to comment and provide insights on trending topics in early talent recruitment, the labour market, entrepreneurship, mentoring and youth marketing.

He is also a father of three, owns a Vizsla dog called Bruno and cycles 5,000 miles a year.

He has many professional recommendations which you can see on his LinkedIn profile and he'd be delighted to meet with you to answer any questions you may have. Here are links to a selection of features in print, online and in-person;

HR Magazine, People Management, HR ReviewRadio 1Xtra, Radio 1, BBC Breakfast, BBC News, Institute of Student Employers (ISE), Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), Recruiter MagazineBritish Computer Society (BCS), The Guardian, The Independent, The National StudentThe Economist, Graduate Mentor and The Graduate Recruiters Network (GRN).

Please get in touch below with details of your event, conference, article or suggestions and we will get back to you asap.