Back in 2003 we were looking for a way to raise awareness of GRBs free national graduate recruitment service. With limited resources from a Brighton base we had to be creative. Advertising was way too expensive and not something we felt could really tell our story. Initial research did reveal that once students discovered our service they started telling their friends and word of mouth quickly spread.

We decided to focus our efforts on these advocates and start to pay them for their efforts. We called them our Student Brand Managers or SBMs. Over the years we have recruited a huge network of SBMs and carefully refined this model to make it one of the most successful marketing initiatives we have ever launched. The reason? Everyone benefits.

Now evolved even further, with the new title 'GRB Affiliates', we aim to help more students than ever!

What's involved?

  • Registering other students at your uni using an online form
  • Helping out at our Fresher's and Careers Fairs
  • Other ad-hoc promotions

How is this experience good for my CV?

As we speak to graduate recruiters we know what skills they look for. This job will give you those skills. Being an SBM will therefore give you;

  • An excellent way to demonstrate key skills that employers are looking for such as time management, communication and commercial awareness.
  • An opportunity for recognition. Top performing Affiliates have the chance to be awarded bonuses and promoted.
  • An extra qualification. Completion of five marketing projects enables you to achieve the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Career Development Award.
  • Internship. Each year we pick top performer to intern with GRB over the summer.

Refer a friend now and claim £100 when we find them a job. It's really simple and it works!

  • Complete the form below with up to four of your friends emails
  • We'll send them one email inviting them to register
  • If they register we will track their record next to your name
  • When we find them a job we'll give you £100.

Leah, Graduate Business Support Analyst

Business Information Systems

"Every member of staff I've dealt with has been friendly and helpful. Aleks who was the permanent consultant that placed me was brilliant, really helped me out and placed me a company that I love. I have praised you to my employer and will continue recommending your services to other graduates. Thanks again to you and your team for a great opportunity."

Raj, IBM Placement

Computer Science

"Raj Shah came to the University of Southampton's School of Electronics and Computer Science because it was the best in the country and beat the University of Cambridge in the league tables in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and ranks at number one.

Indian-born Raj is also a first class student who managed to get five 'A's at A-level which won him a scholarship to ECS. Growing up in Thailand, Raj had a big interest in the design of cars, which led to him to choose Electromechanical Engineering.

When it came to choosing a company for his industrial placement year, he had hoped to work at Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Land Rover and was disappointed initially when he did not manage to secure placements with any of them.

When he came across an advert for a placement at IBM through the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, he sent in an application and was offered a placement a role as a laboratory technician within the customer support department for IBM Cognos Software."


Mechanical Engineering

"Thank you GRB for helping me find a job!!!! The consultant was very helpful and encouraging. I really appreciate the support I got, and it has made my job hunting experience less daunting. Looking forward to starting work. Would definitely recommend you to my friends."

Duncan, Graduate Chemical Process Engineer

Chemical Engineering

"The service I received from you has been fantastic. You were thorough and extremely helpful (especially when the nerves set in).  I have absolutely no faults with the service. Thanks once again"

Peter Woods

Data Analytics

"I had been searching for a job for a while with little success, even though I had excellent academic results. I was introduced to GRB by a friend and within a week they had several interviews with a variety of companies lined up for me.

Hannah, Graduate Retail Management Trainee


"The Graduate Recruitment Bureau opened my eyes to huge opportunities that I had initially overlooked.  This is the main reason that I would recommend the service; their ability to understand an applicant's skills and make recommendations is second to none.  Had I been applying on my own, it is quite likely I would have missed out on this opportunity.

In addition to this, the helpful and friendly nature of the consultants makes the process a lot easier; in particular being able to ask advice and practice interview questions was invaluable to me.  Once again, the daunting element of looking for a graduate role on your own is eliminated because of the knowledge and support offered by the Graduate Recruitment Bureau.

I would definitely recommend their services to any graduate looking for work."


Computer Systems Engineering

"The Graduate Recruitment Bureau are not just really helpful at making you aware of the jobs that suit you, they do it with an enthusiasm and care that ensure you land yourself the job you really want, making you glad you took out the time to join, and recommend others to join too!"

Bob, Application Support Analyst

Computer Science with Information Systems

"I found the GRB's service top among all their competitors. Personally my primary contact was an absolute star throughout. Her calm nature, and common-sense answers helped to improve my confidence with interviews and the entire application process. Unfortunately I did not get a job straight after graduating, but with the help of the entire GRB team, their insightful tips, CV building and interview preparation, I've now got a position with a firm I hope will really move my career onwards and upwards. I have written a recommendation here to show thanks for what has been a thoroughly rewarding journey. A special mention has to be made to other team members, who pitched in for her whilst she was away. It is this collaborative commitment that really came through to me, and undoubtedly inspired me to up the level of commitment I put in. Eventually bearing very fruitful rewards. Strongly recommended to anyone looking to further their careers."


"I didn't mind recommending my friends to this service, because most students I know are not sure about what they want to do after University and this is where the GRB can help."