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FACT: You will spend more time with the people at work than anyone else - so it's pretty important you get along with most of them, right? We think the best impression you get from a company are its people. So let's talk about them (and then we'll talk about how you can grow with us.)

The People

Most of us are graduates. Brighton, Sussex, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Southampton Institute, Leeds Unis, all over in fact, all living the dream in Brighton!  It's a good mix of people and we are a diverse and friendly team. Our founders also went to Brighton Uni - incidentally, they didn't have any recruitment experience when they graduated and instead decided to create their own niche in graduate recruitment adopting a disruptive business model. It's still working 20 years on.

The Company

GRB is an independent firm with plans to grow considerably in the next five years. Recruiting high calibre graduates for FTSE250 and fast growing SME recruiters, we have many clients such as Unilever, Barclays, Accenture, Citi to name but a few. We also have 2 experienced hire divisions, and an office in Milton Keynes, as well as our HQ by the sea. We work in a close team environment which is fun, hardworking and rewarding for those that contribute. Day to day the office is buzzy, always different and always progressive. 

Our Vision

GRB seek to manage the career development of high calibre graduates from entry level positions right through to retirement partnering with leading global recruiters. We want to help recruiters and graduates realise their potential and reach their ambitions.

Our Values

  • Action - We have a proactive culture and are never complacent.
  • Growth - We reinvest our profits to grow the company from strong foundations. Individuals are developed personally and professionally.
  • Attitude - We create a healthy and vibrant work environment by spreading positivity.  
  • Collaboration - Team members are encouraged to work together to deliver exceptional results for our clients.
  • Efficiency - We strive to maximise our resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Honesty - We adopt the highest ethical standards in our conduct and act honestly at all times.
  • Quality - We seek a reputation for quality in our inputs and outputs from the business.

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