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Graduate Recruitment Outsourcing

Tap into a vast range of recruitment solutions designed for the early talent marketplace to your specific needs.

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Graduate Recruitment Solutions

Whether you’re looking for graduate attraction support, screening CVs, telephone interviews, video interviews, assessment centre design or a fully outsourced process, we can support you no matter  the scale of requirement. We can find you tomorrow's leaders, a specific skill set, improve your candidate experience or diversity by implementing avariety of different graduate recruitment solutions.

We work in a flexible and bespoke manner to tailor a solution to your needs, choosing between our stand alone solutions or have complete peace of mind with Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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Graduate Attraction and Recruitment Solutions Team

New! Virtual Graduate Careers Fairs

Utilise Graduate Recruitment Bureau's industry-leading presence and channels to promote your brand at a Virtual Graduate Careers Fair. We will create an interactive event and landing page to promote your brand to our existing talent pool as well as our website, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and our student affiliate network.

What did Tesco think of using our Virtual Assessment Day platform?

Due to Covid 19 restrictions in 2020 our Discovery centres were moved online,  a daunting but exciting experience for a business that would usually run Discovery centres for a minimum of 100 candidates at any one time – where did we start!.  

What we did know was that we wanted to ensure that our process was futureproof and that our candidates didn’t miss out on future opportunities. We wanted to provide a great experience,  realistic environment, whilst providing the candidates an opportunity to learn about our business. We also wanted to ensure the platform met our expectations from a reasonable adjustment/D&I perspective.   

We started to work with Jenny and Katy at GRB to understand their online platform. Working with the team and  listening to their expertise in this space certainly helped us achieve our goals.  From initial conversations through to implementation the process has been seamless.  The platform itself is incredibly user friendly and enabled us to use materials that we already had in place and make changed where required .  

By using the online platform we have a had a higher attendance rate and have been able to reach candidates that originally would not have travelled to the face to face discovery centre. This in turn has enabled us to extend offers to our candidates earlier due to more frequent events being held. 

Having now run a  number of large events using the platform the feedback has been outstanding from both a candidate and assessors perspective. 

The question we now ask is…why would we ever do it any differently!

Online Attraction

Online Testing

Campus Attraction

CV Screening

Telephone Interviews

Assessment Days

Video Interviews

Virtual Solutions

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Bespoke Solutions

With such a range of services at our disposal we can create the right solution to meet your needs and support your strategy. Here are some past examples:

  • Full review of a graduate scheme, process & lifecycle
  • Provide specialist recruiters to cover interview overflow
  • Training programme for graduates joining the business
  • Project aimed at increasing female STEM candidates

Why work with GRB?

GRB are the most positive reviewed graduate recruitment consultancy in the UK so we know how important it is for you to get it right and in an extremely competitive market. We leverage 20 years of experience with a database of over 1 million graduates and students to safely ensure the success of your graduate recruitment programme.

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Graduate Attraction and Recruitment Solutions Team

The most positive reviewed graduate recruiter in the UK

Unique database and ATS with over 1 million users

Founder and host of industry-leading networking events

Major exhibitor at over 60 careers and fresher fairs

High-ranking in Google for competitive industry keywords

Strong social media following with high user engagement

200+ GRB Affiliates, promoting within closed networks

Strong representation of your brand from a trusted source

Monitored quality assurance from an experienced team

A focus on quality candidate experience and engagement

Diversity tracking and reporting to support any requirements

Detailed analytics and insight reporting on your campaign

Campaign Insight and Analysis


GRB understand the importance of tracking performance throughout all campaigns. We track all stages in the process and focus on diversity, candidate engagement and quality assurance throughout. We ensure you always feel like we are part of your team and there is no disconnect in any activities conducted.


Jenny Austin

T: +44 1273 200413   E:

Graduate Recruitment Solutions, RPO & Attraction Director
I’m a specialist Early Talent Recruitment Director with 12 years’ experience within in-house and consultancy roles. Having led graduate recruitment in-house for a major UK brand, I understand the needs and challenges associated with a graduate recruitment campaign internally and its longer-term development. Alongside this I have considerable experience within recruitment consultancy over a number of roles and sectors now supporting major nationwide early talent campaigns from attraction through to selection. This breadth of experience has given me great insight into the early talent marketplace, understanding clients key requirements and delivering to their expectations.

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