Job Title: GRB Student Brand Manager / Affiliate

  • Salary: £1-£1000
  • Location: Any
  • Date posted: 01/09/2012
  • Job Category: Marketing, Recruitment, Sales
  • Vacancy Reference: DE29574GRBSBM11

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The Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) is the UK's leading graduate recruitment consultancy and our website has a never-ending need for new students and graduates to sign-up so we can connect them with the best employers out there.

In this job as a GRB Affiliate, we will pay you for each person you get signed up to our website - it's as simple as that. 

When you become a GRB Affiliate we give you your own sign-up form or 'unique link' that looks like this:

Anyone who signs up on your form, will link back to you, we count them up and at the end of the month you get paid for all the new people you got signed-up.

We give you several guides on all the best ways to get student traffic to your sign-up form. They have been written based on years of experience in what works and what doesn't but ultimately it's totally up to you, and you can use any marketing method you see fit. 

Common methods include:
+ Networking with in your class/peers/tutors/societies/departments and getting emails sent out
+ Facebook or Twitter profiles you can add people to, tell them what GRB does and get them to sign-up
+ Signing up people face-to-face using your mobile phone/tablet

...the list goes on, it's amazing some ideas that students come up with that earn them hundreds of pounds in commission sign-ups.

The more you work, the more you earn. You have no commitments to hours meaning you work when you like but please don't just join for the sake of it, we want hard working GRB Affiliates that are keen to get out there and get students signed-up to our free leading recruitment service.

Once someone sign-ups on your form your job is done. We help them find Graduate Jobs, Student Jobs, Internships and give them CV guides, job advice... you name it. It's win-win!

+ Be your own boss
+ Work from home, university... anywhere really
+ Limitless earning potential (seriously, you can earn so much money)
+ Bonuses for hitting targets
+ Prove yourself and get a stand out reference from us to use on your CV
+ Learn new entrepreneurial skills and many more
+ Earn over 50 sign-ups become Student Brand Manager
+ No interview - you can start in the next 5 minutes!

- We're not going to push you. You MUST be self-motivated and put the effort in if you want it to work
- There is competition. You must use your marketing skills to push GRB

We are not another one of those websites that just spams students inbox's with loads emails. Established in 1997, we are real people hand picking students, speaking to them, helping them one to one and career match-making them with the best employers out there. Go ahead and call us up and find out for yourself if you need to: 01273 325775.

Our service is totally free. A large amount of our jobs you won't hear about anywhere else - that means if a student isn't signed up with us and the recruitment for their dream job is being handled by our team they will never hear about it. Our members get full personal support with their CV, interview preparation, interview times... all the way up to say salary negotiation - yes, you can earn more using us! These are just some of the benefits a recruitment consultancy like us can offer ahead of students applying directly to employers and it will be your job to communicate this if you want to get the most sign-ups and commission.

Sarah, Newcastle
"I have been working for GRB for a few months now as a student brand manager and they are pleasure to work for; they communicate excellently and show active interest and support in my ongoing work for GRB at Newcastle University." 

 Chris, Nottingham
"I was highly appreciative of the energy and drive GRB instilled in me, particularly during my initial couple of weeks of hitting my sign-up targets, as well as continually providing the SBMs with new marketing avenues to use on campus. I always got the impression that they saw their contact with myself and the other SBMs as a pleasure, never a chore, and it was this genuine and selfless character trait that you wanted to get results for."

OK so we're sure by now you just want to know how much you get per sign-up right? Well it's based on what year the student who sign-ups is in. Most sign-ups are worth up to £1.25 each and then we have additional ones that we pay £5 each for! In addition to that we offer a £20 introduction bonus and monthly £20 bonuses after that if you decide to hit our targets. This is totally optional and there is no pressure to hit targets, we just financially reward you if you do!

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Perfect job for a friend?

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