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GRB is a specialist recruitment service that can help you find student jobs, internships and placements. We pull together the very best of a wide range of undergraduate opportunities so that you can get the experience you need to strengthen your CV while you are at university.

Search internships and student jobs using our website and apply direct through us or by one of our partners who send us the best student opportunities available. Also research and learn everything you need to know about applying to student jobs or university life in our advice section.

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Viacom International Internship Scheme££
Maths Tutors Needed£18+ per..
GRB Student Brand Manager / Affiliate£1-£1000
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Student Advice

It can be tough being a student, from degree work through to living away from home it's important that you feel confident you are getting the right student advice and guides. The Graduate Recruitment Bureau has spoken to countless students over our 15+ years, working with them through their time at university, understanding the support or guidance students may need. After all, our consultants have been there too not as long ago as you may think! Our student job advice section covers everything...

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