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Give Nepali Children an Education

Dan Hawes

Through my work I have had the privilege of launching the careers of over 5,000 UK University educated men and women. Having seen these graduates reach their potential and fulfil their ambitions I strongly believe education should be a basic human right.

Give Nepali Children an Education


In developed countries we take some education for granted, however in poorer countries many children do not benefit from any education whatsoever. Along with other campaigners before me and others in the future I hope to make a small difference to one of the poorest countries in the world - Nepal - and send this petition to the British Ambassador for Nepal.

In Nepal it only costs £6 for a uniform which entitles a child to an education however for many families this outlay is beyond their means. Through this petition I am seeking to collect 1,000 names of University staff, students, graduates and employers who I hope share my beliefs and together we can encourage the Nepali Government to allocate more funds to pay for uniforms in the future. 

When I hit this target I then plan raise awareness of the campaign further by cycling 600 miles from St. Andrews University to Sussex University in seven days. Once completed I will pledge £1,000 and donate this to the Nepal Schools Trust.

Do something positive today and put your name to this life changing campaign. Thank you.

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