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Graduate Recruiters Network March 2015

Thirty graduate recruiters shared their insights and experience on attracting and managing Gen Y at the recent invite-only Graduate Recruiters Network: Live event in London. The first half included a presentation by GRB Non-Executive Director, Carl Gilleard OBE, with his quarterly commentary on current issues in graduate recruitment followed by a presentation on the findings of a recent survey by legal firm Doyle Clayton into the behaviour of Generation Y. Here are 5 tips we wanted to pass on that can make a difference to graduate recruitment in 2015.

1. Interviews - Remember how nervous you were for your first proper job interview? Help a Gen Y candidate relax, have a more productive interview and save time.
2. Career Pathways - Research shows that a key Gen Y retention strategy is providing career progression or pathways that allow them to chose from different career options.
3. Coaching not managing - Successful Gen Y engagement happens when the relationship is one of open communication, support and coaching - not micro management.
4. Gen X and Baby Boomers - Consider all generations o ensure a successful blend of youth and experience so teams perform at their best.
5. Flexibility - Encourage Gen Y candidates to pursue social and leisure activities outside of work by allowing flexible work practices.


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