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Graduate Recruiters Network June 2015

Leading graduate recruiters such as UBS, Cap Gemini, Fujitsu and the Department of Education recently discussed the findings from a student survey of 40,000 students at the latest invite-only Graduate Recruiters Network: Live event in London. The first half included a presentation by GRB Non-Executive Director, Carl Gilleard OBE, with his quarterly commentary on current issues in graduate recruitment followed by a presentation on Universum's Global Survey by Joao Araujo. Here are five tips we wanted to pass on that can make a difference to graduate recruitment in 2015.

1. SME recruitment – 10% of graduates wish to join start-ups or start their own business. How can your business promote its entrepreneurial values to attract bright students?
2. Blogs – Least used student recruitment channel. Only 10% of students searched out recruiter blogs. Do blogs work for you to reach students?
3. Armed Forces – The biggest climber (by 20 places) in the “ideal employer” rankings among students. More students seeking to do careers with purpose?
4. RoboHR - Virtual HR agent ‘Amelia’ able to perform interviews and test to identify candidates’ cognitive skills. Works 24/7 in multiple languages! How can you automate your recruitment processes?
5. A Levels - PwC leading revolt against A levels. No longer using A levels to select young people for jobs. Is this qualification important for your business?

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