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 Job Description Date Posted Location Salary
Graduate Account Development Manager 24/03/2015 Any £30k
Graduate Management Scheme 24/03/2015 Buckinghamshire £25.5k
Business Technology Graduate Scheme 18/03/2015 Hertfordshire £25k
Transport for London Electrical Engineer 06/01/2015 London £26k
Transport for London Road Space Managers 06/01/2015 London £26k
Transport for London Information Management 06/01/2015 London £26k
Transport for London Commercial Procurement 06/01/2015 London £comp
Transport for London Business Analyst 06/01/2015 London £comp
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Logistics Graduate Jobs - Industry Profile

Estimated graduate starting salary: £15,000 - £24,000
Typical salary after training: £27,000 - £36,000+

The globalisation of the world economy requires the movement of goods and people in even greater volumes and efficiencies. This would not be possible without the application of well-developed management skills and the harnessing of the latest technology.

The transport sector plays a major role in the UK's economy and is a significant contributor at both the national and local level. It underpins the economy, enabling the movement of goods and services as efficiently as possible. Employing over two million people, the sector is promising for logistics graduate jobs...

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