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Welcome to our Student Advice section. Here you will find in-depth information covering all areas of student life. After you have done your research you can search for student jobs and opportunities on our student jobs page.

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Making the most of higher education - a guide for students and parents on the 1000 days you spend at university to shape your life.

Read our extensive list of vital things you should do during your time at university to ensure you are ready for the world of work when you finish.

Read the best money saving tips and pieces of advice for those just about to start university.

Gap years and working abroad are a popular choice among students. This section covers important information about how to get involved and what you need.

Everything you need to know on student finances while you're at university. Work out how to budget your money and factor in any spend to ensure you live comfortably as well as other information including accommodation, insurance, loans and tax.

Information on your further studies including choosing a postgraduate course, funding and options abroad.

A full guide for any up and coming fresher who wants to read about first-hand experiences as well as detailed guides on many areas such as your first week, societies, accommodation, planning, student unions and degree structure.

Frequently asked questions from students answered by our in-house specialists.

Important information for students on internships, placements and experience. Learn what they mean, what to expect and how to obtain them.