1. Got an idea?
Perhaps you're part of a student society looking for extra funds or a member of a university sports team looking for a sponsor?

If you have a fantastic sponsorship idea for us, then we're listening! We're always on the lookout for fresh ideas to improve our exposure on and around university campuses.

At the Graduate Recruitment Bureau we have a reputation for a personal and professional approach to our work. We concentrate 100% on providing students and graduates with vacancies and guidance to improve their chances of finding employment with our graduate recruiter network. Since the company was formed we've developed key strengths:

  • Successfully helped thousands graduates start their careers
  • National coverage of the UK
  • Hundreds regular recruiters from SMEs to blue chips
  • Direct access to unadvertised jobs from the "hidden market"
  • Experienced team of graduate career networkers
  • All jobs, advice and supportive information on one website
  • Founded by two graduates obssessed with helping graduates find work
  • Grown organically since 1996

Any sponsorship opportunity will need to allow us to highlight these areas to our target audience. Our staff also have a great dedication to what we do, and we think we're a bit different to the competition!

Please note that we can't help with the production of any new inventions. While we'd love to support fantastic student innovations, our main focus is on providing a recruitment service.

2. Send us your proposal
Once you've written your sponsorship proposal, you'll need to contact us so you can send us the details.

Each proposal is carefully considered and responded to. If we're unable to take it any further, we'll let you know. However, as you can appreciate, we receive a large volume of sponsorship proposals, so please be patient for your reply.

3. Exactly what we need
When you first write to us, give us a quick summary of what your sponsorship idea is about.

Make sure you highlight:

  • What your sponsorship idea is
  • How this proposal can benefit the Graduate Recruitment Bureau
  • What stage of development your project has reached
  • What your involvement is, what role you would like to maintain
  • Likely costs and timescales involved
  • Why you are approaching the Graduate Recruitment Bureau and how you see us becoming involved
  • What potential you see for the venture

We receive many proposals, but can take only a few forward. You're most likely to be successful if the concept is well developed, has large-scale potential, is cost effective and can be implemented relatively simply. 

4. Protecting your idea
You may have an idea that is very innovative and unique and therefore whenever we consider a written sponsorship proposal, we automatically respect the author's intellectual property rights. It's your decision about how much information you are prepared to share with us. Please keep in mind, though, that we do need to know the basic outline of your proposal so we can decide whether it's one we'll take forward. Any information will remain strictly between the two parties, and if we are interested we'll contact you directly to discuss the next steps.

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